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Yangtze in a sentence

31. The Yangtze River has over 700 tributaries.

32. Sun Quan held control over the lower Yangtze.

33. Wu controlled all of the Yangtze valley.

34. "Western circuits south of the Yangtze").

35. Wanzhou has three Yangtze River crossings.

36. The city has two Yangtze River crossings.

37. The Yangtze River is used heavily for shipping.

38. It is directly across the Yangtze from Wulin.

39. "Western circuits south of the Yangtze").

40. Vehicles on the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge.

41. Line 2: Great River means Yangtze River.

42. and President of the Yangtze River Commission.

43. He was forced to advance west on the Yangtze.

44. It is endemic to the Yangtze basin of China.

45. He also received he Yangtze Service Medal;

46. Hengsha first emerged from the Yangtze in 1858.

47. The Yangtze River borders Dantu to the north.

48. A truce set the border at the Yangtze River.

49. The Sheshui enters the Yangtze at Huangpi.

50. He was known for fighting the Yangtze flood.

51. Mochou Lake was once part of Yangtze River.

52. Yangzi is the pinyin spelling of the Yangtze.

53. It is found in China (the Yangtze Valley).

54. Wuhan Yangtze International School (WYIS;

55. The first few pages are on the Yangtze River.

56. Lima, Peru. Wuhan Yangtze Riverfront Park;

57. It is found in the Yangtze River in China.

58. Pan teaches linguistics at Yangtze University.

59. of the Yangtze River rolled on majestically.

60. The Yangtze River separates Hankou and Wuchang.