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1 Chuxiong basin in Yunnan on the southwestern margin of the Yangtze landmass is a Mesozoic peripheral foreland basin.
2 Pan teaches linguistics at Yangtze University.
3 Geography has long defined the city of Chongqing, nestled in between mountain bluffs on the banks of the Yangtze River. Today a jagged skyline rises through the smog.
4 The Yangtze River basin is the main source for water in the South-North water Diversion Project.
5 The Yangtze finless porpoises in Tian-E-Zhou Oxbow Nature Reserve, near the town of Shishou, dare not approach; too many of their kind have perished in encounters with humans.
6 The Yangtze river empties into the ocean just north of Shanghai, but the river's route takes it through an area southwest of the city, including the area experiencing heavy rain.
7 located, Shanghai is located halfway down China's mainland coastline, where the Yangtze River empties into the sea.
8 Thousands of people holding chrysanthemum flowers went to the Jingzhou Memorial House to see off the teenagers, all 19-year-old students from the Yangtze University based in Jingzhou City.
9 Located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, the island is China's 3rd biggest island, with an area of 1267 sq km and a relatively intact ecology system.
10 The Sichuan Urban Environment Project aims to halt the deterioration of water quality of the Min, Tuo, and Yangtze Rivers, so that the rivers could be used as sources for drinking water.
11 Yangtze University is located in the ancient town of Jingzhou in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, with the total area of about 660 acres.
12 Since Three Kingdoms age. Jingzhou, which located the Yangtze River middle reaches became the contention focal point to various political groups thanks for its important geography superiority.
13 This paper briefly introduces the main results of temperature control measures and temperature super vision of mass concrete of main tower of Jingzhou Yangtze River Highway Bridge.
14 returnees favor villages in relatively developed Pearl River and Yangtze River deltas where earnings are often similar to those in cities.
15 For example, cities in the arid north are investing in costly desalination projects, and massive canals to divert water form Yangtze River to the north.
16 She was struggling to attract customers until she concocted an original signature dish, dredging up an unknown gastropod from the muddy Banks of the Yangtze and christening it "the spicy river snail."
17 Shanghai in Yangtze Delta alluvial plain, low-lying, the network of waterways covered with vast shoals resources.
18 brunt of any double-dip recession would be the many private sector manufacturers in the industrial heartlands of the Yangtze River Delta region.
19 Local Highlights: Panzhihua International Yangtze River Rafting Festival at Jinshajiang River Rafting Base (Nov.-Dec.)
20 It was the Soviets who first helped re-engineer the city, assisting with the first bridge over the formidable Yangtze, completed in 1965.
21 And then, last August, I read "Chicago on the Yangtze," an article in Foreign Policy magazine that laid out your brief but impressive history.
22 Building a bridge in the Yangtze River meant breaking another record-at 120 meters, the Sutong has the deepest foundation of any cable-stayed bridge.
23 Proponents said it would generate clean electricity and open up new swaths of the Yangtze for navigation by bigger boats while preventing lethal flooding.
24 melting of Himalayan glaciers which supply fresh water to the Ganges, Yellow River and Yangtze would exacerbate a water crisis driven by rising population.
25 China's leaders have sought to tame the violent Yangtze for nearly a century.
26 Responsible for culture, health, sports and tourism, contact Literature and Arts Association, Yangtze Daily Newspaper Group.
27 Large areas of central and southern China are suffering from the worst drought in 50 years, and the levels have plummeted in the Yangtze River and other bodies of water, including here in Chongqing.
28 This discharge is aimed at fighting the current drought and raising levels of the Yangtze to aid shipping.
29 Minjiang River and Dadu River, tributaries of the upper Yangtze River, flow across Aba which is the only place in Sichuan Province having the Yellow River flow through.
30 Traffic jams are frequent on the Nanjing Yangtze Bridge because of overloads.