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No. sentence
1 We could maybe compare brain changes in mothers who were depressed or had problems bonding with their infants to normal mothers," said Kim, who was at Yale University when she did the work.
2 My cover was blown, so I asked her to take a walk with me to the Yale Art Gallery to see the Mark Rothko exhibit.
3 The protruding shaft on the first wing feather makes a loud, rustling sound—adding acoustics to the visual display. At Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University
4 She loved it when a professor at the Yale School of Drama called her a "vicious dumpling".
5 Or you join the Yale Club in New York, something like that, and you sit around and talk with people.
6 Look at the top schools in the world, like Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, and Harvard, and they place just as powerful an emphasis on the humanities.
7 Using words like “change” and “dream”, he even convinced Yale teachers and students to parade and celebrate his election to the Presidency, according to what I’ve heard.
8 in fact, the most dominant proponent of the view is our very own Frank Keil, master of Morse College at Yale, who has strongly defended the notion of an intuitive biological module.
9 I just got back from an internet-themed dance interpretation of Alice in Wonderland, written directed and performed by Yale students, but payed for by Yale.
10 Huber and Neil Malhotra, political scientists at Yale and Stanford, respectively, are sifting through OK Cupid data to determine how political opinions factor in to choosing social partners.
11 Nomads are not dogmatic, ” says Bill Honeychurch, a Yale University archaeologist. “They had the idea that you can learn from people you’ve brought into the fold.”
12 Yale has scrapped conventional subjects; Haas is trying to teach the old subjects in a new way.
13 My cat yesterday actually undid my Yale password last night.
14 fortunately, there is a community at Yale of the best scholars and teachers on the planet.
15 In addition to Harvard University, Yale University scholarship winners Roche is the most numerous universities.
16 Although, through these three presidents, I understand that the quality of Yale graduates is not so even.
17 What is the endowment of Yale?
18 He heads up the Yale endowment -or the investment of the Yale endowment -and I have a New York Times article on the syllabus, just sort of a biography of him you could read.
19 year to June 2009, the value of the assets held in the Harvard and Yale endowment funds fell by over 25 per cent.
20 But that's not the real reason, according to Dr. Ariely and his collaborator in the experiments, Jiwoong Shin, an economist who is now at Yale.
21 Every year around 25 percent of employed Yale graduates enter the consulting and finance industries.
22 Ask yourself who is your best friend at Yale.
23 The last was not a requirement when I got into Yale, but it seems to be now.
24 They strike me as less intellectually adventurous than the Yale students of today.
25 Yale passed on purchasing the Gospel because of such concerns.
26 I enrolled in Yale Law School in the fall after the riots.
27 Recently, for example, psychologists at Yale University showed a cartoon to two groups of children.
28 I have met again with her family and conveyed to them the deeply felt support of the Yale community.
29 Yale is both a small college and a large research university.
30 Researchers from Yale University found that kids are seeing more fast food ads than ever before.