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Y-Chromosomal in a sentence

1. "The Y-chromosomal variety in the Saami is also consistent with their European ancestry.

2. Like Mitochondrial "Eve", Y-chromosomal "Adam" probably lived in Africa.

3. Y-chromosomal Adam was represented as the root of these two lineages.

4. This statement was challenged after the analysis of the Y chromosomal DNA of the remains of Richard III.

5. Levites should also therefore in theory share common Y-chromosomal DNA.

6. Y-chromosomal Adam – Y-DNA haplogroups by ethnic groups.

7. Y-Chromosomal Variation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Insights Into the History of Niger-Congo Groups.

8. In the case of Y-Chromosomal DNA, TMRCA is arrived at in a different way.

9. Y-chromosomal Adam (90000 - 60000 BP, dated data) was initially dated here.

10. In the Vestonice 16 sample, the Y chromosomal haplogroup C1a2 (V20+, V86+).

11. Subsequently, many intervening splits between Y-chromosomal Adam and BT, also became known.

12. Y-chromosomal Adam is estimated to have lived roughly 236,000 years ago in Africa.

13. Y chromosomal DNA, paternally inherited, is used in an analogous way to trace the agnate lineage.

14. Y-DNA, or Y-chromosomal, (direct paternal) lineages were not analysed in this study;

15. Thymosin beta-4, Y-chromosomal is a protein that in humans is encoded by the TMSB4Y gene.

16. Afghanistan’s ethnic groups share a Y-Chromosomal heritage structured by historical events.

17. Y-chromosomal diversity in Lebanon is structured by recent historical events.

18. Further, the family is traced back to the Davidic line and carries the Y-chromosomal Aaron.

19. Y chromosomal variations), dyslexia and/or developmental coordination disorder.

20. Y chromosomal variations, developmental dyspraxia and dyslexia.

21. Y chromosomal variations when a child presents with neurodevelopmental concerns.

22. Y chromosomal variation, and only five will be diagnosed in their lifetime.

23. Y chromosomal variations.

24. Y chromosomal variations as a possible explanation for developmental concerns.

25. Incidence of X and Y Chromosomal Aneuploidy in a Large Child Bearing Population.

26. underpinnings of the X and Y chromosomal variations.

27. Y-chromosomal Adam

28. The next development was the discovery of specific Y-chromosomal markers linked to a language.

29. This study rejected the idea that Mitochondrial Eve may have lived well before Y-chromosomal Adam.

30. All together, they account for >95% of the total Russian Y chromosomal pool.