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Workingmen in a sentence

1. Sinclair dedicated the book "To the Workingmen of America".

2. the zone of workingmen's homes farther out;

3. Under the terms of the Trust, 160 workingmen's libraries were established.

4. and a young union, the Workingmen's Benevolent Association (WBA).

5. At this time he met several members of the International Workingmen's Association.

6. The Workingmen's College opened in 1891 and continued until its closure in 1922.

7. but he was loved and mourned by the workingmen of New York and the Erie Railroad.

8. Workingmen in California viewed the Chinese as unfair competition.

9. Penywaun Workingmen's Club and Institute (PWCI) began in the village in 1959.

10. The Parc and Dare Workingmen's Hall once had a clock above its entrance.

11. He became president of the Workingmen's Protective Association in 1878.

12. It organised night classes for workingmen.

13. Their existence undermined the livelihood and dignity of Northern workingmen.

14. They were industrious workingmen who soon built comfortable homes for themselves.

15. War Memorial and Workingmen's Institute, Blaenafon.

16. St. Timothy's Workingmen's Club and Institute, 1878.

17. Workingmen's Party may refer to:

18. The once endemic workingmen's and sailors' taverns are gone;

19. in 1866, he joined the International Workingmen's Association.

20. The Social Democratic Workingmen's Party of North America was formed in 1874.

21. Providing insurance for workingmen was a novel idea in the late 1860s.

22. The International Workingmen's Association;

23. The founding of the new International Workingmen's Association;

24. An Englishwoman's Work Among Workingmen (1875) was a memoir of her activism.

25. Within a matter of two weeks the Butte Workingmen's Union had 300 paying members.

26. The International Workingmen's Association (IWA;

27. When workingmen are defeated, farmers must fall with them and share their fate."

28. Thus ended through merger the Workingmen's Party of Illinois.

29. Soon after her arrival in New York she joined the Russian Workingmen's Club.

30. summer evenings, the workingmen sit on their balconies.