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1 One of his best-known works dramatizes the entry of the United States into the war in April 1917, as President Wilson confronts a rudely surprised Wilhelm: "Kaiser to Wilson: You don't mean it!"
2 nobody can stay there, unless - like Kaiser Wilhelm II, Churchill or DE Gaulle, for whom the state bed was specially extended - they are invited.
3 Sales of all logoed sanitising products surged in early spring, and again in September, at the start of flu season, Wilhelm said.
4 Pfaender's brother Wilhelm was a choral singer who was also active in the revolution and emigrated to America in 1848, later becoming state treasurer in Minnesota, Mueller said.
5 At Leipzig, he studied psychology with Wilhelm Wundt and wrote a prize-winning essay, "The Influence of Acute Illness in the Causation of Mental Disorders."
6 The earliest Protestant state to send an ambassador was Prussia in 1805: its envoy was Baron Wilhelm von Humboldt, a philosopher and linguist.
7 Wilhelm, where is the turnip?
8 Three centuries ago, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz had a dream.
9 definitely no such plan,' said Ulrich Wilhelm, spokesman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
10 Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel [1770-1831], the famous German philosopher, gave rise to two schools—the "left" Hegelians and the "right" Hegelians.
11 Daimler developed the single-cylinder four-stroke engine with Wilhelm Maybach in 1884. It displaced 265cc, produced 0.4 horsepower at 600 rpm and was remarkable for its relatively light weight
12 In Chicago, I met with two young political activists, David Wilhelm and David Axelrod, who would become involved in the campaign.
13 specimen of the brain was sent to a leading neurologist, Oskar Vogt, at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin.
14 There is a certain relationship between the global experience of the artist and the work that reflects that experience, between Wilhelm Meister and Goethe's maturity.
15 with Wilhelm in the successful campaigns of Mayor Richard Daley and Senator Paul Simon.
16 Time magazine declared that "Dr Wilhelm Reich may have been a prophet.
17 The item is now a best-seller, Wilhelm said.
18 Wilhelm says sanitising products aren't just used as promotional giveaways.
19 He was persuaded to become director of Theoretical Physics in the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute.
20 X-rayswere first observed and documented in 1895 by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, a Germanscientist who found them quite by accident when experimenting with vacuumtubes.
21 Under Wilhelm II Germany took an imperialistic course that led to friction with neighbouring countries.
22 The idea that chromosomes were the carriers of inheritance was expressed in 1883 by Wilhelm Roux.
23 Rays were first discovered by a German scientist, Wilhelm Konrad Rontgen, in 1895, almost by accident.
24 X - rays were first discovered by a German scientist, Wilhelm Konrad Rontgen, in 1895, almost by accident.
25 I am grateful to you, Wilhelm, for you sincere sympathy, for your well - meant advice.
26 Here I am back. Wilhelm; I will now eat my supper and then go on writing to you.
27 These military exploits made Richthofen one of the most feared warriors of Kaiser Wilhelm.
28 wir noch in Zeiten des Kaisers Wilhelm II. ?!
29 Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel's experience curriculum is an important theoretical form of experience curriculum theory.
30 His pedagogical thinking has influenced many educators, such as Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel, John Dewey and so on.