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White Island in a sentence

1. White Island is a popular tourist spot in Camiguin.

2. White Island in Mindoro;

3. At 14:11 NZDT on 9 December 2019, Whakaari / White Island erupted.

4. Whakaari was named "White Island" by Captain Cook on 1 October 1769.

5. Whakaari / White Island is privately owned.

6. Short video of sulphurous fumarole on White Island.

7. White Island is a key attraction.

8. To the north, St Martin's is joined by a tidal causeway to White Island.

9. it could derive from Old Norse Hvít-øy, "white island."

10. White Island may refer to:

11. White Island is an island in the Ross Archipelago of Antarctica.

12. Urbal (also known as Mossfield) White Island.

13. White Island , 6 August 1930, Gunnar Horn."

14. It is three times bigger than the White Island.

15. White Island Shores lies along this pond.

16. Remains of sulphur mine, White Island.

17. Cape Spencer-Smith on White Island at 78°00′S 167°27′E

18. It was also filmed at White Island in New Zealand.

19. White Island attracts thousands of tourists every year.

20. An outrigger canoe over the clear waters of White Island.

21. White Island coastline.

22. In 2016 he played Connor in the feature film White Island.

23. Nansen called this first land "Hvidtenland" ("White Island").

24. Four species of gull and one species of petrel breed on White Island.

25. The film was shot on White Island, which has an active volcano.

26. uzu (white island fig);

27. Access to White Island is by boat.

28. Volcanic Alert Level Summary Whakaari/White Island Alert Level.

29. It lies 17 km (11 mi) west-southwest of Whakaari / White Island.

30. The flats of the White Island are located to the north of the island.