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White Democratic in a sentence

1. and the white Democratic-dominated legislature passed other discriminatory legislation.

2. The populist Readjuster Party ran an inclusive coalition until the conservative white Democratic Party gained power after 1883.

3. The South was ruled by a white Democratic Party.

4. White Democratic legislators interpreted the Danville events as more reason to push blacks out of politics.

5. They wanted to develop alternatives to the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and the all-white Democratic Regulars.

6. White Democratic groups worked through intimidation and fraud to suppress black and white Republican voting during and after the Reconstruction era.

7. The white Democratic state legislature imposed Jim Crow laws of racial segregation in public facilities and other means of white supremacy.

8. Many of the white Democratic Party attempts to create an independent city were defeated via court rulings.

9. These two groups had threatened white Democratic power with a populist coalition.

10. The Clinton Riot on September 4 ended with white Democratic paramilitaries riding over the county shooting any and every black person they chanced upon.

11. The white Democratic-dominated state legislatures passed Jim Crow laws to impose white supremacy, including racial segregation of public facilities.

12. Hall was the only White Democratic congressman not targeted by the remap, but his district was shifted slightly to the north.

13. African Americans in the South were left to the mercy of increasingly hostile state governments dominated by white Democratic legislatures;

14. The Republican Party in the South comprised three groups after the Civil War, and white Democratic Southerners referred to two with derogatory terms.

15. Reconstruction ended in 1875 with the return of white Democratic rule.

16. However, nearly all white Democratic congressmen in the South lost reelection in 2010.

17. White Democratic Southerners saw themselves as redeeming the South by regaining power.

18. Following the defeat of fellow Georgia Democrat Jim Marshall in 2010, he was the only white Democratic congressman from the Deep South.

19. He defeated the white Democratic incumbent Frederick A. Woodard.

20. This meant they did not run or support the all-White Democratic ticket during elections.

21. He narrowly beat the top two white Democratic candidates in the primary and made it to a runoff with Republican Mike Foster.

22. Together with five other black politicians, he strongly opposed white Democratic efforts that year to disfranchise black citizens.

23. The bill was defeated by the white Democratic voting bloc of the South in filibusters in the Senate in December 1922, in 1923 and 1924.

24. In 1898, the white Democratic, planter-dominated legislature passed a new disfranchising constitution, whose effects were immediate and long-lasting.

25. This was one of four cases brought to challenge the Texas all-white Democratic Party primary.

26. Seeing the success of this deliberate "Mississippi Plan", South Carolina and other states followed it and also achieved white Democratic dominance.

27. The white Democratic leaders of Hazlehurst delivered a written ultimatum to Matthews, ordering him not to vote.

28. These Southern, white, Democratic Redeemer governments legislated Jim Crow laws, officially segregating black people from the white population.

29. In 1899, the white Democratic-dominated North Carolina legislature passed a suffrage amendment disenfranchising most blacks.

30. All were enacted in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by white Democratic-dominated state legislatures after the Reconstruction period.