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1 most of western Europe, feelings are more ambivalent.
2 Western Europeans were allowing eastern Europeans to get away with this outrageous revisionism, he suggested, because they were fearful of souring relations.
3 Even in western Europe, where countries such as Belgium and France have reduced the use of antibiotics, misuse continues.
4 Indeed, social scientists are no longer sure whether it is still easier to climb the ladder in the "classless" United States than it is in the supposedly class-hobbled lands of Western Europe.
5 Chilling new evidence from the Atlantic Ocean is raising fears that western Europe could soon be gripped by a mini ice age.
6 the most part, the merchants acquired the protection of such rights by paying off the robber barons and aspiring Kings who constituted the fragmented ruling stratum of western Europe.
7 Some idealists believed that a strong peace movement in Western Europe would inspire those behind the Iron Curtain to demand disarmament from their rulers too.
8 Bat rabies has also recently emerged as a public health threat in Australia, Latin America and western Europe.
9 And although most traces of the cold war era have vanished, military roads and observation towers still dot the idyllic countryside, imbuing pastoral Western European landscapes with a touch of "Dr."
10 Until America found shale gas, Dow was "progressively shutting factories here and in Western Europe", says Mr Liveris.
11 As for Congo, its sole seaport sits at the opposite end of a country that is as big as western Europe but possesses almost no transport infrastructure.
12 In any case, by comparison with most other parts of the world, and with any other era of human history, the United States and western Europe are converging in their attitudes to danger.
13 Western Europe and eastern America may then have been going through a grim, cold winter but other areas - including Asia and western America - were experiencing unexpectedly hot weather.
14 The bustling port on the Black Sea was an easy gateway from the poorest parts of Ukraine, Romania and Moldova to western Europe and the Arab states.
15 He learned Dutch — and Dutch is a very difficult language — in 1696, while the Turkish war went on, or one of them he went off to Western Europe incognito as an embassy soldier.
16 The series has been sold in 13 countries and will be aired in the coming weeks in America, Japan, Canada, Australia and much of western Europe.
17 a decade from the mid-1990s until 2007, Ireland's economy grew more rapidly than any other in western Europe.
18 Just look at the gap between male and female employment rates in America, Japan and western Europe, as Kevin Daly, an economist at Goldman Sachs, does in a recent study (see the left-hand chart).
19 the entire north side of Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery is home to one of the world's greatest collections of Western European painting, spanning the 13th to 19th centuries.
20 cold weather engulfed Western Europe, with temperatures dropping below freezing in Paris, London and Berlin, consumption of heating oil and fuel oil surged, traders say.
21 Western Europe will see the beginning stages of the eclipse before moonset, while western Asia will get the later stages after moonrise.
22 European Commission officials estimate that in most of western Europe, between 80% and 90% of the unemployed are entitled to some social assistance.
23 As Ireland grew richer, one form of exceptionalism-the fatalistic belief that Ireland was destined always to be western Europe's poor outpost-gave way to another: the myth of the Celtic Tiger.
24 This cold war confrontation point even inspired an eponymous board game called Fulda Gap: The First Battle of the Next War, in which opponents plotted the invasion, and defense, of Western Europe.
25 First, it is inconceivable that workers in western Europe would agree to a significant reduction of their social privileges and adopt the labor standards prevalent in central and eastern Europe.
26 In much of western Europe the idea of private rating agencies policing welfare rolls would cause outrage. No voter in Manchester raised a murmur at the suggestion.
27 Printing invented 1450, so these manuscripts suddenly go circulated very quickly among scholars in western Europe.
28 By around 9600bc the island had conquered much of Western Europe and Africa and enslaved its enemies.
29 The green gem of northwestern Europe got a coating of white this week, the latest expression of an unusually early and brisk start to winter.
30 The decision was welcomed among Nato Allies in western Europe, which had viewed the earlier project as an unnecessary provocation to the Russians.