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Western Alaska in a sentence

1. The climate of Western Alaska is determined in large part by the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska.

2. These cousin languages are all spoken in Western Alaska and Eastern Chukotka, Russia.

3. It breeds in western Alaska from the Alaska Peninsula in the south to Point Hope in the north.

4. This was the first-ever winter fuel delivery from the water in Western Alaska.

5. Birnirk culture is best known along coastal northern and western Alaska.

6. They are often seen in western Alaska and occasionally elsewhere in the Americas.

7. S. o. orientalis occurs as a rarity in western Alaska and British Columbia.

8. Etolin Strait is a strait of the Pacific Ocean in western Alaska, the United States.

9. The first Roman Catholic mission in western Alaska was established at Ohagamuit in 1892.

10. Early each April from 1912 to 1924, C.A. Thayer sailed from San Francisco for Western Alaska.

11. The glacier twists its way through western Alaska's Chugach Mountains.

12. These camps are Maas, Agree, Kennedy, and Western, Alaska and Appalachian trips.

13. He had been en route to a remote hunting lodge in western Alaska.

14. There are a few English and Russian bilingual signs in western Alaska.

15. The historiography of western Alaska has few Yup'ik scholars contributing writings.

16. The climate of Western Alaska is determined largely by the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska.

17. A 500-mile (800 km) road reaching Nome in western Alaska has been proposed at various times.

18. Flesh Fly is a popular fly pattern used by rainbow trout anglers in Western Alaska.

19. In recent decades, the sea otter population the Aleutian Islands of western Alaska has plummeted.

20. The Ingakslugwat Hills volcanic field is in the Yukon–Kuskokwim Delta in western Alaska.

21. Vertigo extima is usually found in northern Scandinavia, northern Siberia and in western Alaska.

22. In 1911 and 1912, the Corwin was listed as a ship of the Western Alaska Steamship Company.

23. It occurs on Pacific Coast sand beaches from Mendocino, California to south-western Alaska.

24. it was last noted the following day over western Alaska.

25. He toured solo across the U.S., including Western Alaska.

26. The ingredients for Iqmik can be purchased at general stores in Western Alaska.

27. The district has one of the highest efficiencies in Western Alaska.

28. The ARS was an integral part of the educational system of northern and western Alaska.

29. The ARS was an integral part of the educational system of northern and western Alaska.

30. Small cackling geese are known to summer in western Alaska, and winter in the Willamette Valley.