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West Asia in a sentence

1. an example of a type of meal found in West Asia.

2. The Romani arrived in Mid-West Asia and Europe around 1007.

3. Trade is believed to have first begun in south west Asia.

4. Ararat is the third most prominent mountain in West Asia.

5. Female sword dancing was not widespread in West Asia.

6. 3. West Asia (VII-XI) 1837-1844.

7. East Asia. Volume Two: South-West Asia &

8. It provides evidence of trade with West Asia.

9. It broke up within Africa, and later in West Asia.

10. South Asia: West Asia.

11. The community takes its name from Antioch, in West Asia.

12. This may indicate that IJ originated in South West Asia.

13. 2016 - Kurdistan: Pivot of West Asia?

14. Central/South/West Asia).

15. (icpl) Paintball West Asia.

16. Bollywood films are seen in central and west Asia.

17. In the West Asia, markets are known as bazaars or souks.

18. Currently in north Africa and west Asia only.

19. 2nd Place: West Asia Basketball Cup in Jordan.

20. West Asia, Latin America and North America.

21. Numerous personnel were deployed to South West Asia.

22. It was the largest in West Asia.

23. and South-west Asia (A Systematic Regional Geography;

24. West Asia is sometimes referred to as "Southwest Asia".

25. Other Muslims are of Arab origin or come from West Asia.

26. The frequency of Q-M25 varies greatly across West Asia.

27. * Withdrew. ** Only 3 teams registered from West Asia.

28. ** Only 3 teams registered from West Asia.

29. He is also president of West Asia at World Sport Group.

30. The clade has been found at low frequencies in West Asia.