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1 Tethering — the ability for your computer to surf the web using your smartphone as a wireless modem — is not officially available for AT&T iPhone customers.
2 But I stand by my comments on the open, advertising supported part of the web publishing model.
3 The data packed into the black boxes of our phones and web browsers reveal things about us, trails of where we have been and what we have desired.
4 In this process, the SP may contact multiple web services offered by airline companies, hotels and other companies, but the original requester is never made aware of these processes in detail.
5 However, once they set their sites on the Web, they owned the browser market after only a year.
6 It's also likely that your web presence is English language only, and you only receive patronage from English-speaking customers.
7 Likewise, the relationship between the viewer and the viewed, which on the web is egalitarian-we're all just nodes on a network-becomes much more hierarchical in a gallery.
8 This is an interesting acquisition and shows what a heated space it is for providing more capabilities to tie customer support environments to the social Web.
9 Thurston started getting into this whole "Internet" thing in simpler times when the social web was called Usenet.
10 Mozilla's early goals were extremely ambitious—the original Mozilla application suite included a browser, a complete mail and newsgroup program, a web design tool, and an IRC client.
11 IRC, a mailing list, a newsgroup, or a web site--make it easy to climb the learning curve.
12 a nutshell, the Semantic Web is about machines talking to machines.
13 I found this on the web.
14 At one extreme, we believe people should have the tools to 'broadcast' information across the Web and make it available to everyone.
15 Such imitative sincerity is hardly unusual in China's Internet sector, which is dominated by locally based companies that have successfully transplanted the services of web pioneers elsewhere.
16 Much of REST has been described with using the human Web as an example. By "human Web", I mean browsers and the humans using these browsers.
17 entrusted with organizing the Web is running out of the "IP" Numbers that identify destinations for digital traffic. The Internet is running out of addresses.
18 If your website offers something of worth, valuable to web users interested in that topic, then it behooves you to let the world know about it.
19 Alternatively, I can open my bookshelf or download other books from the web, but I'll get to that later.
20 I browsed the web looking for interesting web sites.
21 So whatever IM client you use, there is a lot you can do with them on the Web.
22 The web of direct and indirect manipulation is a straitjacket that binds life and necessarily limits the ways it can appear to itself and structure itself.
23 This area of the portal behaves like a static Web site, but provides employees with a single working environment integrated with their collaboration applications.
24 Although most web pages can be drawn using only these basic primitives, parts of or SVG would need to be implemented separately, either using a different graphics library, or our own custom code.
25 If Bruno had had the power to summon the future, his best shot at survival might have been to show his inquisitors the Web page of the Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia, circa 2010.
26 These technologies allow a World Wide Web site to be as rich and interactive as an action game, a multimedia encyclopedia or a productivity application.
27 Or do you prefer accessing Wikipedia via the web?
28 First, the authorities have not disclosed whether the arrests depended on tips from people who saw the web site, or whether the police were already on the suspects' trail.
29 It means the Web connects us, as people, to each one of the individuals online; and those connections, ultimately, extend from one of us to all of us.
30 Research has shown female pandas who are pregnant with twins deliver the second cub anytime between 12 minutes and 12 hours after giving birth to the first, according to the zoo's Web site.