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1 The district's boundaries were roughly limited to the area within a few miles of the Tombigbee River and included portions of what is today southern Clarke County, northernmost Mobile County, and most of Washington County.
2 Thomas and Nancy married on June 12, 1806, in Washington County, and moved to Elizabethtown, Kentucky.
3 In 1835, Johnson made a bid for election to the "floater" seat which Greene County shared with neighboring Washington County in the Tennessee House of Representatives.
4 Alexander Fulton, a businessman from Washington County, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, received a land grant from Spain in 1762, and the first organized settlement was made at some point in the 1780s.
5 The degree of Young's involvement in the Mountain Meadows massacre, which took place in Washington County in 1857, is disputed.
6 According to Washington County newspaper reports of the time, Abraham Stover was Colonel of the Indiana Militia.
7 He was a colorful figure in early Washington County history.
8 Along with his son-in-law, John B. Brough, he was considered one of the two strongest men in Washington County.
9 Its largest workforce concentration anywhere is in Washington County, Oregon (in the Portland metropolitan area's "Silicon Forest"), with 18,600 employees at several facilities.
10 Two years later, Davis entered the Catholic school of Saint Thomas at St. Rose Priory, a school operated by the Dominican Order in Washington County, Kentucky.
11 Kentucky's center of population is in Washington County, in the city of Willisburg.
12 Americans of English ancestry still have a presence in the state as well, especially in Washington County, and are often referred to as "Swamp Yankees."
13 Additionally, the large number of beaches in Washington County lures many Rhode Islanders south for summer vacation.
14 In 1785, Fulton bought a farm at Hopewell Township in Washington County near Pittsburgh for £80 (equivalent to $13275 in 2018), and moved his mother and family into it. At the age of 23, Fulton traveled to Europe, where he would live for the next twenty years.
15 Between 1830 and 1834, the couple lived in Fort Edward and Kingsbury, small communities in Washington County, New York.
16 In 1875, Anne Northup was living in Kingsbury/Sandy Hill in Washington County, New York, and, in census information, her marital status was given as "now widowed."
17 Urban development is mostly concentrated in two areas: the Wasatch Front in the north-central part of the state, which is home to roughly two-thirds of the population, and Washington County in the south, with more than 170,000 residents.
18 Historical mining towns include Mercur in Tooele County, Silver Reef in Washington County, Eureka in Juab County, Park City in Summit County and numerous coal mining camps throughout Carbon County such as Castle Gate, Spring Canyon, and Hiawatha.
19 and Washington County, in southwestern Utah, locally known as "Dixie", with more than 175,000 residents in the metropolitan area.
20 The three fastest-growing counties from 2000 to 2010 were Wasatch County (54.7%), Washington County (52.9%), and Tooele County (42.9%).
21 Clinton also remains the last presidential candidate of either party to win at least one county in every state and the last Democrat to win a majority or plurality in Ross County, Ohio, Spokane County, Washington, Pinal and Gila Counties, Arizona, Washington County, Arkansas, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, Oneida County, New York and Anoka County, Minnesota.
22 The state's geographic center is approximately three miles (5 km) east of Roxbury, in Washington County.
23 The center of population of Vermont is located in Washington County, in the town of Warren.
24 Montpelier (/mɒntˈpiːliər/) is the capital city of the U.S. state of Vermont and the seat of Washington County.
25 the latter enactments amended the 1898 charter to deal with such matters as water works, the relationship between the city and the Washington County Grammar School, and composition of the City Council.
26 Beaverton is a city in Washington County, in the U.S. state of Oregon that is located 7 miles (11 km) west of Portland in the Tualatin Valley.
27 Beaverton is an economic center for Washington County along with neighboring Hillsboro.
28 The Beaverton libraries and 15 other local libraries participate in the Washington County Cooperative Library Services.
29 In December 2004, the city and Washington County announced an "interim plan" which would lead to Beaverton becoming the second-largest city in Oregon, second only to Portland.
30 The Oregon State Legislature has also passed legislation which redetermined Washington County's urban growth boundary to include more development.