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No. sentence
1 the Japanese corporate warrior with a new insouciance.
2 Cyber warrior: Keith Alexander gives his first public speech since his confirmation as the head of U.S. Cyber Command.
3 And we are building new wounded warrior facilities through the Department of Defense.
4 warrior value in Story of the Pings lies in three aspects: firstly, the perfect military art, the spirit of looking upon death as going home, and the brave and firm character;
5 Mr Olmert has no interest in concessions that reinforce the idea that he led his warrior nation to defeat.
6 This gene, which has been the target of considerable research, is also known as the "warrior gene" because it regulates serotonin in the brain.
7 Rory the warrior and Roger the worrier were reared wrongly in a rural brewery.
8 Sammi one of these three means the sacred bird, also means warrior bold and passionate Christian wisdom, rich, intelligent mind and it is the perfect character.
9 Swords were also buried with their warrior owners or passed down as family heirlooms.
10 park will feature popular rides like space Mountain as well as a jungle river cruise and a Buzz Lightyear ride, named after the spaceman warrior in the movie "Toy Story."
11 PackBot and the Warrior are remote-controlled from a distance of 800 meters (about half a mile). The PackBot transmits data about hazardous conditions to an operator in real time.
12 It is in combat that we learn a knight's true nature, whether he is indeed a warrior or a coward.
13 Athena said that she would make him a great warrior for the prized apple.
14 Even Oliver North, Mr Reagan's chief contra warrior, dropped in to campaign against his old Nemesis.
15 Paris, being more interested in women than riches of being a lord or the status of a great warrior, chose Aphrodite.
16 She said she realized that she did not want to become an overworked corporate warrior like her father.
17 Dancers wear traditional warrior "s attire, in tengkolok, red belt and black clothing, and dance to the beat of silat, a Malay martial art."
18 the revolution known as the Meiji Restoration began, turning Japan in just a couple of decades from a feudal state run by a warrior aristocracy to a modernizing, industrial empire.
19 1: Rites of Passage: a Viking warrior seeks approval from his communitys leader in the opener of this series chronicling the medieval adventures of a band of Norsemen.
20 According to the researchers, the so-called "warrior gene" is carried by 56 percent of Maori men, who are renowned for being "fearless warriors," and only 34 percent of Caucasian males.
21 Governing terrain and choosing your battlefields are perhaps the most crucial skills of a wise and successful warrior.
22 he will grow up to become a warrior and a valuable companion in the Rebellion.
23 In nerd parlance, don't be the office warrior who always USES ranged weapons; endure some hand-to-hand combat on occasion.
24 I think it's the warrior who wields it.
25 Serotonin affects your mood — think Prozac — and many scientists believe that if you have a certain version of the warrior gene, your brain won't respond to the calming effects of serotonin.
26 Crypt Lord - Warrior Hero, adept at summoning insect minions and crushing enemies. Can learn Impale, Spiked Carapace, Carrion Beetles and Locust Swarm. Attacks land units.
27 He has grown into a warrior at one with nature's savagery.
28 Sacking him now gives the Republicans a golden opportunity to say that Mr Obama is taking petty revenge against a dedicated warrior guilty only of too much candour and a want of tact.
29 She was also a brave warrior, adept at3 using javelins4, spears and bows.
30 A man helps a moran, or young Samburu warrior, drive cattle toward a small borehole dug into a parched riverbed in Archer's Post.