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No. sentence
1 According to hospital records, no patients in the ward where she worked showed signs of influenza-like illness while hospitalized.
2 Near me was another body - Bob Ward, I knew him quite well.
3 Compared with the children's ward just across the hallway, it is an oasis of restraint.
4 Such a thin padded coat cannot ward off the cold mountain wind.
5 She disliked strangers, and he couldn’t imagine her in a cold bed in a crowded hospital ward.
6 The last time such a large ice island formed was in 1962 when the Canadian Ward Hunt Ice Shelf calved an island.
7 Cheryl wakes up in the morning. She stays in a single ward. She sees Jack sitting near the bed dozing.
8 He tiptoed out of the ward.
9 Unnerved by over 200 aftershocks, many residents slept outside their homes, making campfires to ward off the cold, as aid organizations rushed to erect tents for the homeless.
10 In the Psych Ward basement, the cons open the access hatch and drop into the tunnels that will lead them to the infirmary.
11 Ward made note of the plank at the open window, and near it he discovered two muddy footprints he believed had been made by the intruder.
12 In the district hospital's maternity ward, a wrinkled old woman walks out holding a just-born girl wrapped in a dirty rag like an unwelcome present.
13 On a scorching afternoon, family gathered in the living room to play with Mehek, now five months old, sporting a small dot on her eyebrow to ward off evil spirits.
14 The problem is likely to be the way Ward chooses to describe that catastrophe.
15 Anything could have happened in a ward.
16 Actually, says Rob Ward, this is an essential part of the brand.
17 Ward says long ago volcanic activity spewed carbon dioxide into the air and warmed the oceans.
18 Only one ward of the hospital was able to deal with the constant stream of injured pouring in.
19 A separate survey found 12 per cent of women admitted to hospital for miscarriage had to recover on the Labour ward, and almost half did not feel they were treated sensitively.
20 head of the maternity ward, a doctor and two nurses have been suspended pending the results of the investigation, it added.
21 's interesting that many of evolutionary design's major proponents, like Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham, are stunningly good designers.
22 When a hospital collapses, or an artillery shell destroys a ward or an ambulance, health staff are killed or injured.
23 Sneezing. Sometimes the workplace sounds less like an office and more like a hospital ward, especially now that we're at the height of cold and flu season.
24 Once the miner's symptoms were noted, local carers put him in a makeshift isolation ward and the Ugandan ministry of health sent in its rapid-response team.
25 Today, training was provided for 82 nurses in high-risk departments, including the maternity ward and the laboratory.
26 Carla now enters not just a cancer ward but a cancer world.
27 The atmosphere on an inpatient ward is tense because of this exerted energy.
28 soft strains of "Silent Night" were filling the air of the ward when the nurses made final rounds with our medications.
29 opened in 2009, and includes one emergency feeding ward, for the most severe cases of malnutrition, and two secondary wards.
30 The countless books and news articles about cancer-fighting foods might lead you to think you can ward off this dreaded disease simply by eating better.