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No. sentence
1 But none had that singular ability of Uncle Walter to turn national sentiment against the President and his policies.
2 According to the writer Walter Ellis, author of a book called the Oxbridge Conspiracy, Britain is still dominated by the old-boy network: it isn't what you know that matters, but who you know.
3 scene in which Mammy harnesses Scarlett’s waist down to 18in inspired generations of sadistic fashion designers but, fiddle-dee-dee, we can’t help loving those Walter Plunkett designed ballgowns.
4 That night, Walter sat up until midnight, At last, he signaled urgently to the police.
5 Yet when Walter walked around town gathering other people's stories, his curiosity led him not to understand the world better but only to marvel at it.
6 From Iraq, I flew to Landstuhl, Germany and then on to what is now the Walter Reed Bethesda Naval Hospital.
7 In 2002, Packard teamed with Bill Hewlett - son of co-founder Walter Hewlett - in an attempt to kill Fiorina's planned merger with Compaq.
8 Eventually, 50, 000 concerned citizens sign its petition, and even Walter Cronkite gets hoodwinked-until it's discovered that Prout is actually comedian Buck Henry.
9 Nude, Green Leaves and Bust” (pictured) was the most important in a series of portraits Picasso completed in the spring of 1932 of his young mistress, Marie-Thérèse Walter.
10 Shareholders at Bank of America chose Walter Massey, a veteran member of its board, to be its new chairman. He will replace Kenneth Lewis, who stays on as president and chief executive.
11 Walter and Howie have established through their analysis that China is unlikely now to construct an economy or state which mirrors the 'classical' or 'normal' style of capitalism in the West.
12 People who are thinking of flipping a home should not buy," says Walter Molony, spokesman for the National Association of Realtors.
13 Jem imagines he is going to be a sailor... Like Captain Jim... And Walter is by way of being a poet.
14 Sorry to bother you at the dinner hour, Walter, but when I flip this light switch nothing happens.
15 I was on the point of giving her my address when my wife came up to us and said, "Let's go, Walter, or we'll be late" -not even a glance at the woman.
16 Walter and Tony had been good friends ever since they met at school.
17 Walter is killing himself earning his salary so that she can stay home all day and be a mad housewife.
18 news of her collapse, Patty and Walter hurried up north, leaving Joey to be supervised by his disdainful older sister.
19 Puppet on hand, Walter returns to his wife Meredith (Foster), who'd tossed him out the day before.
20 If Walter and Patty are unable to refute the accusation that they think they're better than everyone else, it's partly because they do.
21 Now, Tony needed Walter to simulate the boss's signature.
22 The mantle is the biggest reservoir of carbon, and we know very little about it," Dr. Walter said.
23 We must begin to drink out of glasses to-day, Walter.
24 Walter resigns from 3M and moves into nature conservation working for a minerals magnate who wants to turn some of his ill-earned millions into saving a small woodland bird, the Cerulean warbler.
25 I think some people, including Walter, became much too fundamental about open source," Mr. Negroponte said.
26 Cronkite's successor at CBS, said: "Walter loved reporting and delivering the news and he was superb at both."
27 didn't want to quit, but I didn't want to continue either, ” Hall told the audience after the Walter Reed performance.
28 one of the houses that people such as Teddy Kennedy and Ed Muskie and Walter Mondale made visits to when they were short of funds.
29 Walter Breuning, the world's oldest man and second-oldest person, has died aged 114.
30 I want to thank Walter Pelletier, chairman of the National Turkey Federation, and Joel Brandenberger, its President, for donating this year's Turkey.