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Wally Hickel in a sentence

1. In December 1968, after the death of Alaska's other senator, Democrat Bob Bartlett, Governor Wally Hickel appointed Stevens to the seat.

2. Walter Joseph "Wally" Hickel (August 18, 1919 – May 7, 2010) was an American businessman, real estate developer, and politician.

3. Other leaders, including Wally Hickel, Lyndon LaRouche, Sun Myung Moon, and the 14th Dalai Lama have also advocated the construction of a tunnel or bridge across the strait.

4. Most of these stores were in buildings constructed by Anchorage real estate developer Wally Hickel, who later became governor of Alaska and U.S. Secretary of the Interior.

5. Stepovich lost to Wally Hickel in the Republican primary for governor in 1966.

6. In October 1997, Marylou married John Hendrickson, a (then) 32-year-old tennis champion and former aide to Governor Wally Hickel of Alaska, who was nearly 40 years her junior.

7. AIP chair Joe Vogler vacated his party's nominated slate of John Lindauer and Jerry Ward and replaced them with Wally Hickel and Coghill.

8. The late Governor Wally Hickel advocated an "All-Alaskan" route which would go from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez and would bring gas to Fairbanks and Anchorage.

9. He presided over the funeral of former Alaskan Governor Wally Hickel.

10. Later that year, he moved to Alaska to take an internship with former U.S. Secretary of Interior Wally Hickel's campaign for Governor of Alaska.

11. He has worked with various administrations in Alaska under former Governors Bill Sheffield, Steve Cowper, Tony Knowles, and Wally Hickel.

12. He was appointed by (at the time, Alaskan Independence Party member) Governor Wally Hickel, as Director of Administrative Services for the Alaska Department of Environment Conservation.

13. Two people, Egan and Wally Hickel, have been elected to multiple non-consecutive terms as governor.

14. He served under Secretary of the Interior Wally Hickel until November 1970, then under Rogers Morton.

15. By 1970, alienated like other Alaska Republicans such as Wally Hickel by the Nixon administration, he had switched to the Democratic Party, and was re-elected without opposition.

16. When incumbent Democratic Senator Bob Bartlett died that December, Governor Wally Hickel appointed Stevens to the vacant seat.

17. In 1991, Governor Wally Hickel appointed Roppel to the Alaska Humanities Forum, a position she held until 1996.

18. Cole served as Attorney General of Alaska during the second governorship of Wally Hickel.

19. In 1991, Fate served on the transition team for governor-elect Wally Hickel and in 1993, was named to serve on the Board of Regents for the University of Alaska.

20. She was the wife of the former Governor of Alaska Wally Hickel and one of the last members of Alaska's generation of pioneer political families.

21. Ermalee Strutz met her future husband, Wally Hickel, soon after the sudden death of his first wife, Janice, from an infection in 1943.

22. Wally Hickel had married Janice Cannon in 1941.

23. Wally Hickel soon met her on Fort Richardson.

24. They later sold the home, which launched Wally Hickel's entry into the real estate business.

25. Wally Hickel suffered from dyslexia, so Ermalee recorded his dictations on her typewriter and helped him with his speeches.

26. Throughout their public service careers, Ermalee Hickel's calm demeanor was seen as a counterbalance to Wally Hickel's more impulsive personality.

27. In 1964, Ermalee and Wally Hickel began construction on their Hotel Captain Cook.

28. Wally Hickel, a Republican, was elected the second Governor of Alaska in 1966, narrowly defeating incumbent Governor Bill Egan.

29. He then worked as special assistant of constituent relations and director of Boards and Commissions for Governor Wally Hickel.

30. Tyner was appointed by Governor Wally Hickel as a district court judge in Anchorage in 1968.