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1 the wake of this failure, will the WTO remain useful enough to the big powers to retain their support and patronage?
2 This week the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruled that Boeing, its American rival, is also a guzzler of illegal handouts.
3 Lamy has been patiently but persistently working with the WTO Committee Chairs of the negotiating groups to narrow differences.
4 China has acceded to the WTO, more and more foreign lawyers come to China so as to produce very great influence on the lawyer's industry of our country.
5 twinkling of an eye it is already 4 years since China acceded to the World Trade Organization (WTO).
6 China has successfully acceded to the WTO. To the mass media industry, besides domestic competition, the international competition is becoming increasingly fierce.
7 Under WTO rules, the importing country may retaliate by applying "antidumping" duties.
8 As for fleet overcapacity, that would appear to remain within the remit of the WTO.
9 I brought five cabinet members with me to discuss the popular uprising against globalization that we had witnessed in the streets of Seattle during the recent WTO meeting.
10 Monday, the Commerce Ministry said it would initiate talks with Washington over the tire tariffs, the first step in launching a WTO proceeding.
11 Kirk says the WTO dispute panel rejected all of China's arguments in the case.
12 aim of the WTO is to deregulate international trade.
13 The EU agreed to continue to assist China's efforts in capacity building and both sides welcomed the launching of the second WTO support programme for China in 2004.
14 will therefore cooperate closely in preparation for the WTO Ministerial meeting in Hong Kong later this year to promote the early and successful completion of the Doha Development Agenda.
15 In a recent article, Roberta Piermartini and Robert Teh, two economists at the WTO, urge modellers to "demystify" their creations, making it clear to their audience what makes their models tick.
16 While EU officials insist all options remain on the table, Mr Chen said on Thursday that he was “not worried” about a possible WTO ruling on rare earths.
17 thankfully, unlikely -- due in part to the influence of the World Trade Organization (WTO).
18 Negotiating new and important rules would help revitalise the WTO, which has languished because of the unfinished Doha Round of trade talks.
19 And MFN means that when a World Trade Organization member agrees to lower its tariffs on imports from one WTO member, it must do so for all WTO members.
20 America and the European Union have lodged 176 cases since the WTO came into being, and are also the most frequently complained against.
21 The WTO panel's stance does not strike down anti-dumping duties for bolts or any other category of products.
22 Trade Organisation found that preferential government loans received by Airbus breached WTO rules.
23 Climate Change negotiations organized under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change faces an uphill struggle, now steepened by the breakdown in the WTO. .
24 Since being WTO entry, our country Enterprise collectivization management scale has expanded unceasingly, the management environment has had the fundamental change, the management risk aggravating.
25 More and more enter premiers attach importance to the cost of product with the pending entry to the WTO of China; to control cost is become one important activity of enterprise 's management.
26 WTO case filed yesterday was one slice of a complaint filed with the U.S. trade office on Sept. 9 by the United Steelworkers union.
27 The European Commission says it will examine any legislation to determine whether it violates a WTO treaty signed by the US, EU and Japan.
28 Pascal Lamy, the director-general of the WTO, said trade would shrink by 10% in 2009 but said countries should resist the temptation to put barriers around their domestic markets.
29 China will continue to open its financial sector in line with its WTO commitments and create a level playing field for foreign Banks.
30 Trade liberalization and economic growth is a permanent goal for all of us as WTO Members.