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Vilardebó in a sentence

1. He was arrested by the Co-Prince and Bishop Justí Guitart i Vilardebó and their authorities on 20 July and ultimately expelled from Spain.

2. Hospital Vilardebó is the only psychiatric hospital in Montevideo.

3. Named after the physician and naturalist Teodoro Vilardebó Matuliche, it opened 21 May 1880.

4. In 1934, Boris Skossyreff declared himself "Boris I, King of Andorra”. After months in power, he was expelled when he declared war on Justí Guitart i Vilardebó, a Spanish co-prince of Andorra.

5. Rodrigues appeared in Carlos Vilardebó's 1964 arthouse film The Enchanted Islands based on a short story by Herman Melville.

6. One of them, which ended up at the hands of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Urgell, Justí Guitart i Vilardebó, caused uproar among his close circle, where he reaffirmed that the only co-princes of Andorra were he and the President of the French Republic.

7. Justí Guitart i Vilardebó (December 16, 1875 –

8. Four years later, Portuguese director Carlos Vilardebó directed an adaptation in a Portuguese-French coproduction, starring Portuguese fado singer and actress Amália as Hunilla (the film is essentially based on "Sketch Eight").

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10. In 1837 a small church was built at the corner of the actual San Martín Avenue and Vilardebó, and in 1875 the Iglesia del Reducto was built in its actual place, in front of Plaza General Eugenio Garzón. At that time there about 4000 inhabitants living in Reducto.

11. Hospital Vilardebó is the only psychiatric hospital in Reducto, Montevideo, Uruguay.

12. It opened on 21 May 1880, named after the physician and naturalist Teodoro Vilardebó Matuliche.

13. Juan Canaveris and Bernarda Catalina de Esparza were the grandparents of Sinforoso Amoedo, a medical doctor, who died during the yellow fever epidemic of 1871, and Ángel Canaveris, a prestigious doctor in psychiatry, head of the mental Hospital Vilardebó in 1879.

14. He served in Montevideo as general director of the Hospital Vilardebó and Hospital Maciel.

15. That same year, he was appointed by the Council of Public Hygiene, to serve in the Hospitals of Vilardebó and Maciel.

16. This church has an important four-keyboard organ initially built in 1808 by Dominique Cavaillé-Coll and his father Jean-Pierre Cavaillé, and finished in 1854 by Gaietà Vilardebó. Due to the bad condition of the organ he entered quite frequently into the instrument to fix some little problems with the trackers or the ventil chests of the organ.

17. The clock that is in one of the towers was donated by Juan Vilardebó and his wife Irene Güell on December 8, 1875.

18. José Vilardebó Picurena (Catalan: Josep Vilardebò i Picurena;

19. José Vilardebó Picurena was one of the strongest chess players in Spain at the turn of the 1920s and 1930s.

20. Also José Vilardebó Picurena won silver medal in Catalan Chess Championship (1923).

21. José Vilardebó Picurena played for Spain in the Chess Olympiads: José Vilardebó Picurena played for Spain in the chess radio match with the Argentine national team (1946).

22. In early April, an outbreak was discovered at the Hospital Vilardebó. The hospital was closed and placed under quarantine as a result.