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No. sentence
1 Vietnam demanded that China release nine Vietnamese fishermen it arrested in September near another group of disputed islands.
2 We hope this will spread to North Vietnam and central Vietnam as well.
3 terms of business cooperation with Vietnam, Honghe Prefecture has its geographical vantage point and good industrial foundation.
4 When a student from a warm country like Vietnam comes to Canada in the autumn for the first time, he feels cold at first, and most students from warm countries do not like this.
5 Ali had been stripped of his world heavyweight title in 1967 for refusing the Vietnam draft.
6 The book also depicts scenes of Chinatowns in far-flung places like San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, as well as in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.
7 Perhaps, like the mastermind of the Vietnam war, Mr Wolfowitz would quit the rubble of a failed conflict to build a righteous empire of aid.
8 hand, they were trying to help North Vietnam with arms fighting the South and US, on the other hand, they were trying to keep Vietnam split up like the Koreas.
9 Attempts have also been made to produce kopi luwak in Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries that are home to civets but these have also failed.
10 Vietnam should be proud of what it has achieved in terms of social cohesion and should continue on that path.
11 Attacks by US soldiers on their comrades or on officers were commonplace during the Vietnam war.
12 Even Dan Quayle felt free to go after me on it, despite the fact that his family connections had gotten him into the National Guard and away from Vietnam.
13 Johnson’s decision triggered another shot of Vietnam guilt: like Johnson, I didn’t believe graduate students should have draft deferments, but I didn’t believe in our Vietnam policy either.
14 She had come here in 1975 after losing everything in Vietnam : her mother and father , her family home , her first husband , and two daughters , twin baby girls .
15 Waiting for passing:The peddlers from Vietnam all come here to purchase some cheap economic smallwares.
16 This stigma has one practical consequence.It makes it harder for Vietnam to defend itself against the charge of dumping.
17 Two days after it was announced that Budweiser would go on sale in Vietnam, its latest advance into a new foreign market, a foreign bidder tabled an unsolicited bid.
18 We have come together to honor the military service of American men and women, particularly those who participated in the war in Vietnam.
19 He nearly fell down steep ravines several times in Vietnam and Laos.
20 Of course, when you are poor and weak, yon need to lie low. What Vietnam is doing now is signing a death certificate.
21 Deer Hunter, director Michael Cimino's 1978 film about Vietnam, disparage the soldiers?
22 But if you look at the debates we had on Vietnam, Iraq, and so forth, ending the war became defined as the withdrawal of forces and as the primary if not the exclusive exit strategy.
23 But more important, we won't move until they set a date for withdrawal of troops from Vietnam.
24 Together with Vietnam, strong control measures have resulted in no new outbreaks of the virus for the past six month," he said.
25 You can do leisure rides, family trips, a soft adventure or up to 14 days' cycling through Cambodia. You can combine it with journeys through Thailand and Vietnam.
26 Vietnam welcomes Chinese businesses to invest and develop there and will provide more facilitation for them.
27 Then, Vietnam had its coldest winter in 40 years, driving up food prices.
28 He had won the Medal of Honor in Vietnam and, like me, was a fiscal conservative and social progressive who had been elected in a state far more Republican than Arkansas.
29 Since then, major seizures of ivory have been made in Vietnam and the Philippines, both this year, and Wasser and his team are now preparing to use their DNA map to trace its origins.
30 Wayne hitting moviegoers over the head, knee-jerking to what he perceived to be negative imagery of the troops in Vietnam.