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No. sentence
1 If she is right, as she explained to an audience at the recent Forum of European Neuroscience in Vienna, she may have opened a door to the treatment of other forms of persistent pain.
2 Last year the top ten cities were Zurich, Geneva, Vancouver, Vienna, Auckland, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Bern and Sydney.
3 One lady whom I recently met in Vienna (of all places) told me that she drove bad feelings out of her dreams.
4 I have no idea, really, ” Mr. Morgan said from his car while stuck in traffic in Vienna, where he lives part of the year and does almost all of his writing.
5 I would like to thank the Vienna Philharmonic for becoming our goodwill ambassador this morning.
6 traditional Vienna is but one of the many façades of this city.
7 Tunick has photographed nude people in New York City as well as other urban centers around the world including London, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Vienna, Austria.
8 In Vienna, he sneaked into night classes at the Technical University, the only 'formal' engineering education he ever obtained.
9 Details of more study will be presented at the AIDS meeting in Vienna next week.
10 His family moved to Vienna when he was four years old, and though he often claimed he hated the city, he lived there until it was occupied by Germany in 1938.
11 Medicine and law were the professions then open to Jewish men, and in 1873 he entered the University of Vienna medical school.
12 The shot taken during the flight from Vienna to Frankfurt, approaching Frankfurt.
13 Austrian broadcaster ORF commissioned the film 'the Miracle of Vienna' and screened it on the eve of the finals, attracting a large television audience.
14 Turkey was arguably the world's leading superpower during the 16th and 17th centuries, its empire stretching from Algiers to Baghdad, and from Mecca to the gates of Vienna.
15 after Jerry spent a few unproductive weeks at New York University, the two Salingers set out for Vienna.
16 Vienna claims to be the only city with a cuisine of its own.
17 More at home here than in Vienna.
18 And Freud would turn all red and run out through the streets of Vienna, his cape flying.
19 Vienna is all about music, so it would be an arrestable offence not to hear Strauss and Mozart here.
20 He lived most of his life in Vienna, Austria.
21 A big but little-known effort was the "Vienna initiative", brokered by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
22 Research at the University of Vienna indicates that female students born in spring and summer achieved better marks than those born in autumn and winter.
23 traditional Vienna is but one of the many fa? Ades of this city.
24 have the finest couturier in Vienna. And the most glittering circle of friends.
25 The pastry proved as popular in Paris as it had in Vienna and Parisian bakers have been making it ever since as have bakers around the world who learned it from the Parisians.
26 But after one of Peter's victories, the Russian ambassador in Vienna reported that the news of Peter's victory, people began to fear the czar as they formerly feared Sweden.
27 For all their gorgeous architecture, it is hard to see why the Baltic capitals should be pricier than Berlin, Vienna or Frankfurt.
28 Our favorite food record of her though, by far, is eating 8.31 pounds of Vienna Sausages in 10 minutes.
29 For a dog, understanding pointing is a natural thing to do, " says Friederike Range, a cognitive ethologist at the University of Vienna and the lead author of the new study.
30 Under the 1963 Vienna Convention on consular Relations, detained foreign nationals must be notified of their right to speak to consular authorities.