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Videotape in a sentence

1. She delivered her eulogy via videotape;

2. Mason hides the videotape in his house.

3. Videotape", and "Shake, Rattle &

4. Scandal; Sex, Lies, and Videotape;

5. The show used both videotape and film.

6. Type B videotape video scanner head.

7. Popoff on a doctored videotape".

8. Type B videotape video Scanner Head.

9. The videotape format war is an example.

10. Type B videotape video Scanner Head.

11. The videotape is paused;

12. But I had it on videotape.

13. the four were interviewed on videotape.

14. Rogers is shown the event on videotape.

15. The incident was recorded on videotape.

16. Videotape Editor: Kurt Tiegs.

17. they returned to recording on videotape.

18. Hardy videotape for her;

19. The attack was caught on videotape.

20. The incident was captured on videotape.

21. Rogers was shown the event on videotape.

22. Videotape" and "Falling" in 2001.

23. There was no videotape or retakes.

24. The incident was caught on videotape.

25. Mr Mcfeely stops by with a videotape.

26. (1994: Videotape).

27. white videotape recording.

28. This was recorded on videotape.

29. Videotape and more.

30. You said you forgot to videotape it.