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No. sentence
1 travelled from village to village with a generator, a television set, and a VCR, and played the ABC videotape for hundreds of villagers.
2 It is to the keyboard what Esperanto is to language and Betamax to videotape.
3 Usually this type of treatment costs about $20,000 a week, and it's not covered by insurance, but because CNN was allowed to videotape the entire process, AP waived the fee for the Bilsons.
4 Starr's lawyers were trying to capitalize on the setup by getting me on videotape discussing things in graphic detail that no one should ever have to talk about publicly.
5 A long string of Sony products followed: the first small transistorized TVs, the world's smallest AM radio, even the video-tape cassette recorders used by U.S. astronauts on Apollo moon flights.
6 A closed-circuit videotape shows in stomach-churning detail the girl being struck by two delivery vans, as well as the 18 people who either walk or drive by without helping.
7 Besides, if you want to watch films or slides, you can ask the projectionist to play the videotape for you in the audio visual room, where you can also listen to language tapes and music tapes.
8 Students teach lessons at local schools, videotape the classes and then bring the tapes back for evaluation with other students.
9 To make a point, one juror smuggled into the jury room a videotape of a television account of the trial.
10 Not only has the Loch Ness Monster been photographed repeatedly, it has even been caught on videotape - as recently as 2007, and on sonar equipment.
11 of videotape clung to the branches like streamers on a Christmas tree.
12 Kendall said the grand jury was welcome to come to the White House if Starr would not videotape my secret testimony.
13 Police have arrested nearly 200 rioters and Sunday were seeking to round up others caught on videotape ransacking the government buildings, the centre said.
14 Argentinian fashion designer Lucrecia Lovera poseswith a reel of videotape and a bag made from recycled VHS videotape, for herlabel "retape" in her studio in Berlin, on January 27, 2011.
15 Because mental preparation is not glamorous or easy to videotape.
16 The world, the very ground he stood on, felt altered, more distant, as if he were watching himself on videotape or in a movie.
17 Forgiveness erases the videotape of that hurt memory that keeps playing over and over in your mind.
18 The USO then sends the videotape/DVD and the book to the soldier’s family so their children can have the experience of their parent reading to them while they are still serving away from home.
19 your responses aloud, role play with a friend or videotape yourself -- but don't memorize your words.
20 For example, universities can videotape lectures and make them available for replay to students in remote locations.
21 Almost 80 percent disapproved of the release of my grand jury videotape, and overall approval of the Congress had dropped to 43 percent.
22 The walls were painted beige, to better frame telltale facial expressions and physical gestures on videotape.
23 They were shown a videotape of ten individuals who were either lying or telling the truth.
24 DVD and videotape emerged as fans went pro, acquiring the distribution rights from Japanese media companies.
25 It's a videotape of the new James Bond movie.
26 Linda: Susan, you're very good, but watch yourself on the videotape.
27 Why You Can't Kill Her: She only exists on videotape.
28 Former aide to presidential candidate John Edwards is held in contempt of court for not turning over a personal videotape.
29 When in doubt, tape yourself and listen to the playback. Or videotape the session, so you can better evaluate your skills.
30 You said you forgot to videotape it.