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Vichy France in a sentence

1. this rump state is often referred to as Vichy France.

2. Axis Italy Germany Vichy France.

3. OfficialCartouche of the French State (Vichy France;

4. So the family fled to Vichy France.

5. He is retired and lives in Vichy, France.

6. During World War II, she remained with Vichy France.

7. In 1943 von Renthe-Fink was posted to Vichy France.

8. He was called by the army in 1942 to go to Vichy France.

9. It is named after the Special Sections of Vichy France.

10. United Kingdom Vichy France.

11. Vichy France never joined the Axis alliance, however.

12. Ligueil is close to the former border of Vichy France.

13. These factors led him to support Vichy France.

14. Later he travelled through Vichy France to reach Spain.

15. It is based in Vichy, France.

16. De Kervor was born in Vichy, France.

17. From June 1940 she was under the control of Vichy France.

18. He died in Vichy, France.

19. He escaped to Vichy France soon after.

20. Villa mon Plesir, Vichy, France, 1894.

21. Vichy France was an Axis Powers "ally" of Japan.

22. Vichy France was nominally a neutral country.

23. The law established the regime of Vichy France.

24. The film was made at Toulon, then in Vichy France.

25. Muñoz was handed over by Vichy France in August 1942.

26. Nice was located in the southern zone of Vichy France.

27. In June 1940, Vichy France reorganized the Ministries.

28. Vichy France controlled much of North Africa.

29. He was interred in Vichy, France.

30. face of it, Vichy France was folding up.