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No. sentence
1 So this is the girl that roughed up Vega?
2 of West Springfield, Mass. was flying a Vega Ventura about 6, 000 feet over the dunes off Camp Davis the other day, hauling an airplane target for a battery to shoot at.
3 April: a symbolic date for world literature for on this date and in the same year of 1616, Cervantes, Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso DE la Vega all died.
4 Far away through the plantation Vega sparkled like a lamp suspended amid the leafless trees.
5 They think we're criminals, but we came here to do good and we're all children of God," says Felix Vega, touching the cross around his neck.
6 Vega and Altair is relative, cuddled their children, there are countless words to say, there are endless love to talk to!
7 include bright white stars Deneb (in Cygnus), Vega, and Altair, nebulae near the Galactic Center, and the dark obscuring dust clouds of the Milky Way also known as the Great Rift.
8 A constellation in the Northern Hemisphere near Cygnus and Hercules and containing Vega.
9 A star precipitated with great apparent velocity across the firmament from Vega in the Lyre above the zenith beyond the stargroup of the Tress of Berenice towards the zodiacal sign of Leo.
10 Banks realised they have become too dependent on wholesale funding[8],” says Iñigo Vega at Iberian Equities[9].
11 Even so, the vineyard today is planted largely with tempranillo, along with smaller amounts of cabernet sauvignon, merlot and malbec, and the wines don’t taste like anything but Vega Sicilia.
12 Sendai is home to the most famous and romantic of summer festivals, Tanabata, when the stars Vega and Altair, who are in love but separated by the Milky Way, are reunited for one night.
13 radiant, or source, of the shower is located near Vega, a bright star which is hard to miss.
14 I looked for the Milky Way, the Altair and Vega, which made me think of the legendary cowherd and the fairy.
15 Star System: Vega - Planet: Percula
16 Vega processors included a custom read barrier instruction that included bit field checking in reference metadata as well as special virtual memory protection for GC-compacted pages.
17 WILSON VEGA used to run a small farm near Barrancabermeja, in the broad, tropical valley of Colombia's Magdalena river. He was negotiating to buy the farm from its owner.
18 Wilson Vega and his family live in Altos DE Cazuca, Colombia, a community criss-crossed with dirt roads.
19 Vega does not see coca as a crop with long term possibilities in the area.
20 That was the last time Ms Vega saw him.
21 On those Sundays when he is not working, Felix Vega goes to church, then walks with his sons to a public park.
22 This abrupt removal caused a serious imbalance in the system that was coordinating the energy interaction within the Vega system.
23 Some processors, such as Azul's Vega, include hardware support for accelerating heap allocation.
24 So Ms Vega must, perversely, hire a babysitter while she is working.
25 for the quality of the haircuts on these businessmen, you can decide for yourself when you go to the slideshow-my vote for best tonsorial arrangement goes to Vikram Chand of Singapore's Vega Foods.
26 As Miss Universe 2003, Vega will take home an estimated, 000 in prizes and hold public engagements around the world that will include fund-raising and campaigning for AIDS research and awareness.
27 Gonzalo Vega and his wife and daughters-diana, two, and Esbeide, ten months-live in a single room with one mattress and one chair.
28 will launch on an ESA Vega rocket, reaching speeds of 16,000 miles per hour and 280 miles in altitude.
29 He has vowed to stand firm against “people who come back and say, ‘I bought a Chevy Vega but I want it to be a Mercedes.’”
30 Alex Vega (left) hugs his wife after being rescued from the collapsed San Jose mine where he had been trapped with 32 other miners for over two months near Copiapo, Chile, Wednesday Oct. 13, 2010.