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Vedic in a sentence

1. Agni is a Hindu and Vedic deity.

2. or as pre-vedic oral compositions.

3. see Vedic metre and Sanskrit metre.

4. It promotes a Vedic way of life.

5. flow from the poetry of Vedic hymns.

6. Yoga may have pre-Vedic elements.

7. Vedic may refer to:

8. Vedic science may refer to:

9. and with Vedic study.

10. The Vedic phrase "Truth is one;

11. Template:VEDIC term.

12. It is a keynote of Vedic inquiry.

13. "Vedic timeline" may refer to.

14. Vedic studies were encouraged.

15. Bharatá is a Vedic Sanskrit word.

16. cf. the Vedic Trita.

17. They are named after Vedic shakhas.

18. In the post-Vedic texts –

19. The worship methods are non-vedic.

20. See Vedic marriage.

21. His specialty was Vedic mythology.

22. Vedic Studies, Author &

23. It is a traditional Vedic School.

24. it is an important Vedic teaching.

25. Wall Painting Vedic.

26. Vedic rituals involve Agni.

27. 2015 and renamed "Vedic" as of Aug.

28. Vedic studies, as well.

29. Bharatá is a Vedic Sanskrit word.

30. Bharatá is a Vedic Sanskrit word.