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Various races in a sentence

1. Some charities seek to associate with various races.

2. The Riau Islands are inhabited by various races and ethnicity.

3. In that set up the chiefs played an important mediating role among the various races in Fiji.

4. Singapore is a cosmopolitan city state made up of various races.

5. He has also been abroad for various races, including Germany and Malaysia.

6. He has also been abroad for various races, including Germany and Malaysia.

7. Mike Skinner then drove for four races as the team switched to Dodge for various races.

8. Players chose various races with unique abilities.

9. Various races, such as humans and elves;

10. It has fielded an entry IndyCar entry or co-entry in various races since 2001.

11. Hispanics of various races account for 45% of the community;

12. The taxonomic status of the various races is not fully resolved.

13. It has over 27,000 residents made up of various races, including Malays and Chinese.

14. In various races Solberg, Dennis Kuipers and Mads Østberg drove the new Ford Fiesta S2000.

15. Fiji is a multicultural country and is home to people of various races.

16. Through these wins, he had already defeated most of the field in various races.

17. Intelligence testing was widely used as a means of ranking various races and ethnicities;

18. He is also a 'course director/advisor' for various races in South-East Queensland.

19. Occupational distribution varies for women of various races as well.

20. A.J. Foyt would appear in various races from the 1960s through the 1990s.

21. Tanith also competed in various races in Europe since 2004.

22. The memorial lists 324 members of Kinabalu guerrillas of various races and ethnic groups.

23. Between 1923-1926 various races were held in Istanbul.

24. Fate is destroyed, allowing the various races to live by their own rules.

25. Various races and demolition derbies were held at the track.

26. He spotted for Justin Haley in 2015 and 2016 at various races.

27. Arcade mode features various races, most of which are time challenges.

28. The Iduna participated in various races into 1909.

29. They are also leaders of various races of beings who reside here.

30. Thus making this area a mix of people of various races and religions.