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Various factions in a sentence

1. As the Qin began to weaken, various factions began to fight for control of China.

2. The rebels soon split into various factions fighting one another.

3. Various factions took control with the support of the Roman Emperor.

4. Various factions each supported their own representatives for the flight.

5. Each site was advocated by various factions in the ensuing political discussion.

6. They were taken seriously and courted by various factions;

7. Various factions sought unity with Syria, or independence from the French.

8. During his term there were constant civil wars between the various factions.

9. Ships, forts, sea monsters and crew are members of various factions.

10. The group split into various factions over the years.

11. His coming sparks a bloody war between various factions.

12. This however had attracted criticism from various factions.

13. With Darkseid missing, the various factions of Apokolips form plans;

14. the various factions unexpectedly turn on each other, ending the threat.

15. A background determines a character's initial relationship to various factions.

16. The various factions agree to seal off the chamber.

17. Various factions and vehicles are featured;

18. Various factions were at war.

19. Cromwell managed to keep the various factions in line.

20. The various factions started to accuse each other of treachery.

21. The Sikh Students Federation formed in 1944 is now divided into various factions.

22. After the election various factions where formed in parliament.

23. Various factions have strongly supported and opposed this fast track process.

24. The various factions sometimes battle for rights over their "turf".

25. As Doge, he sought to reconcile the various factions that divided Venice.

26. The Moderates contained various factions.

27. At her hearth, warriors of the various factions could come in peace.

28. After a few days, fighting between the various factions took place.

29. The rebels soon split into various factions, namely IGNU, Ulimo and NPFL.

30. Various factions of the Cabal are beginning to realize that the end is near.