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1 Various factions within the French Revolution labelled their opponents as anarchists, although few such accused shared many views with later anarchists.
2 Opponents of the court were generally known as the Country party, and included various factions and individuals such as the Duke of Hamilton, Lord Belhaven and Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun, who spoke forcefully and passionately against the union.
3 They were frequently at war with their cousins, Clanricarde of Galway, and in alliance with or against various factions of the O'Conor's of Siol Muiredaig and O'Kelly's of Uí Maine.
4 In the ensuing decade, the territory was locked in an ongoing struggle between various factions, usually fighting unconventionally and forgoing the position held by the several successive Russian governments through the current administration.
5 According to attorney Brian Glick in his book War at Home, the FBI used five main methods during COINTELPRO: The FBI specifically developed tactics intended to heighten tension and hostility between various factions in the black power movement, for example between the Black Panthers and the US Organization.
6 Between the two periods, and due to in-fighting among various factions in Parliament, Oliver Cromwell ruled over the Protectorate as Lord Protector (effectively a military dictator) until his death in 1658.
7 By the early 1640s, Charles was left in a state of near-permanent crisis management, confounded by the demands of the various factions.
8 The Jacobin Society began as a broad, general organisation for political debate, but as it grew in members, various factions developed with widely differing views.
9 VII was crowned, various factions pressed for his Protestant daughter Mary and her husband Prince William III of Orange to replace him in what became known as the Glorious Revolution.
10 As the Qin began to weaken, various factions began to fight for control of China.
11 Various factions and groups within the societies exploited this European requirement for their own purposes, attempting to gain positions of power within their own communities by cooperating with Europeans.
12 Political power resided in the Council of the Revolution, a predominantly military body intended to foster cooperation among various factions in the army and the party.
13 Political friendships, termed amicitia in Latin, were important during the 12th century, and Henry maintained a wide range of these, mediating between his friends in various factions across his realm when necessary, and rewarding those who were loyal to him.
14 By 2013, the insurgency escalated into a state renewed civil war, the central government of Iraq being opposed by various factions, primarily radical Sunni forces.
15 The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has provided legal support to various factions of the KKK in defense of their First Amendment rights to hold public rallies, parades, and marches, as well as their right to field political candidates.
16 It changed hands between various factions in south and west Asia, until being ceded to Queen Victoria after the British annexation of the Punjab in 1849.
17 The rebels soon split into various factions fighting one another.
18 Divisions emerged between various factions, culminating in Pride's Purge on 7 December 1648, when, under the orders of Oliver Cromwell's son-in-law Henry Ireton, Colonel Pride physically barred and arrested 41 of the members of Parliament.
19 The next centuries were marked by violent power struggles among various factions, notably the Genghisids and the non-Genghisid Oirats, as well as by several Chinese invasions (such as the five expeditions led by the Yongle Emperor).
20 Mao remained passive as various factions within the Communist Party mobilised for the power struggle anticipated after his death.
21 During the Revolution, new periodicals played central roles as propaganda organs for various factions.
22 Siricius was an active pope, involved in the administration of the Church and the handling of various factions and viewpoints within it. In response to a letter from Bishop Himerius of Tarragona, he issued decisions on fifteen different points, on matters regarding baptism, penance, church discipline and the celibacy of the clergy.
23 The nation almost immediately fell into civil war that involved various factions fighting one another;
24 Almost immediately after independence, Tajikistan was plunged into a civil war that saw various factions fighting one another.
25 The nation almost immediately fell into a civil war that involved various factions fighting one another;
26 Various factions of the Robeson County-based Tuscarora, who have split since their initial organization in the 1960s, have worked for state and federal recognition.
27 Instead, Hughes criticized Wilson's military interventions in Mexico, where the U.S. was supporting various factions in the Mexican Revolution.
28 Henry won a crucial victory at Ivry on 14 March 1590 and, following the death of the Cardinal the same year, the forces of the League lacked an obvious Catholic candidate for the throne and divided into various factions.
29 Jeongjo sponsored scholars from various factions to work in the Kyujanggak, or Inner Royal Library, established in 1776.
30 Military rule initially failed to provide much stability however, as internal conflicts and political inexperience caused various factions of the army to launch coups and counter-coups against one another, making leadership very tumultuous.