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No. sentence
1 We can imagine the one-screen design will be too fiddly for anyone with big fingers, but it works for us - you can just zip around the screen touching various areas to change the Settings.
2 I illustrate this through various artistic processes that act as both reflective and connective forces between people and the environment they inhabit.
3 Cutting thecone at various angles gives you various shapes of ellipse. Until theangle of your cut exceeds the angle of the side of the cone.
4 Only then will the committee be able to ask meaningful questions and adjust funding levels during the various phases.
5 His head swam with various strange ideas.
6 It's the sort of thing that we can put on a scale and prod with a stick and the biologists can study, presumably made up of various kinds of molecules, atoms and so forth.
7 Ea methods help in creating the models that ties business motivation to business execution and is a subset of the various models that are required for an SOE.
8 we have defined software engineering in various ways to try and take into account some of the definitions, as you will see from my students' research on the topic.
9 As a quality engineering and test manager, I create test plans for various programs and products.
10 You can override all the parameters on the command line, if you want to experiment with the net to discover how it does with various options — each run might take a while, though.
11 It is common to query various port information using config service.
12 I studied each one but rejected one after the other for various reasons, too big, too small, too much hair, etc..
13 Restaurants kick off discount promotions for various reasons: the anniversary of an opening, the coming of festivals or Valentine's Day.
14 I know one billionaire family who have managed to instil a sense of proportion, industry and obligation into the various younger members: there are no private jets, chauffeurs or suchlike.
15 One good example of how various departments can come together is the fight against tobacco.
16 All seven of these ISP investments have various risk and potential investment returns.
17 During the long term life practice, The Chuxiong Yi nationality has created various, original, flowery, elegant and colorful design patterns by the way of twine, embroider and post etc.
18 Some of value did leave: Mondrian, Dali, Duchamp, Chagall and Léger were among those who made their various ways to New York.
19 He not only carried on funding the Marx family and their various hangers-on, but also spent years pulling together the chaotic notes Marx left behind for volumes II and III of "Das Kapital".
20 At Gwangju there is an annual kimchi Festival where visitors can enjoy making kimchi and try all the various kinds of kimchi.
21 But what is an appropriate punishment for the various degrees of cheating described above?
22 This means that not only clothing, but lipstick, nails and even hair will all be worn in various shades of berry red.
23 Also, there were horns, and dolls, and toys of various sorts, and parcels and bundles of candies and nuts that filled the arms of all the Silvas to overflowing.
24 GRUB 2's modular nature means that you can explicitly load modules to support various features.
25 In his study, a group of volunteers were shown various pictures of a woman, where her hips, bust, and waist were digitally altered.
26 Various circumstances cooperated to make him a great artist.
27 It's a movable meadow made of various colours and types of artificial and natural grasses, from golf green to tennis red, arranged to resemble an Oriental rug.
28 size of this space various from platform to platform.
29 The left bundle branch of 9 goats were completely blocked with RFCA. The various degree of atrioventricular conduction disturbance and the right bundle branch block didnt occur.
30 Because this leads to various diseases, not a single illness, AIDS is referred to as a syndrome.