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Urheimat in a sentence

1. As for the Finno-Ugric Urheimat, most of what has been said about it is speculation.

2. Vovin (2014) proposed that the location of the Japonic Urheimat (linguistic homeland) is in Southern China.

3. There is no consensus among scholars as to the urheimat of the Slavs.

4. The Afroasiatic Urheimat is uncertain.

5. Vovin (2015) considers the homeland (Urheimat) of Proto-Eskimo-Aleut to be in Siberia rather than in Alaska.

6. The urheimat of the Athabaskan family is most likely in the Tanana Valley of east-central Alaska.

7. The name Cebuano is derived from the island of Cebu, which is the Urheimat or origin of the language.

8. The concept of an Urheimat only applies to populations speaking a proto-language defined by the tree model.

9. Nevertheless, an unknown Urheimat is implied.

10. This area is likely the Urheimat associated with Proto-Algic speakers.

11. Proto-Indo-European Urheimat hypotheses).

12. they lived in the steppes but the location of their Urheimat is subject to scholarly debates.

13. There is no consensus regarding the location of the Proto-Semitic Urheimat;

14. Ethiopia and Sudan are among the main areas linguists suggest were the Afro-Asiatic Urheimat.

15. The original culture of the Xionites and their geographical urheimat are uncertain.

16. There remains some disagreement over the Algonquian Urheimat (homeland of the protolanguage).

17. Ethiopia and Sudan are largely agreed upon by most linguists as the Afro-Asiatic Urheimat.

18. The most probable candidate for the urheimat of the Malayic languages is western Borneo.

19. The urheimat of the Arab ethnos is unclear;

20. The Afroasiatic Urheimat has been placed in either Africa or Asia.

21. The attribution of the Urheimat of the Nordic race to a deluged land was very appealing at that time.

22. David Anthony considers the Yamnaya culture to be the Indo-European Urheimat.

23. This speech area is known as the Urheimat ("original homeland" in German).

24. The various hypotheses for the Afroasiatic Urheimat are distributed throughout this territory;

25. Taiwan is the urheimat of the Austronesian languages.

26. The urheimat of the Otomanguean family may be the valley of Tehuacán (Puebla).

27. Both linguists and archaeologists therefore often locate the Slavic Urheimat specifically within this area.

28. Tell Tayinat) may even have been part of a Philistine urheimat.

29. Also, the original homeland (Urheimat) is commonly hypothesized to lie in the vicinity of the Urals.

30. David Anthony considers the Yamna culture to be the Indo-European Urheimat.