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No. sentence
1 force on a solar sail is gentle, if not feeble, but unlike a rocket, which fires for a few minutes at most, it is constant.
2 But unlike their wealthy neighbours, who come via high-end realtors, the Shinnecock Indian Nation say they are the children of a goddess who caused the land to form beneath her feet.
3 Unlike recent shuttle launches to the International Space Station, which head northeast after liftoff, Ares I-X will head due east out over the Atlantic Ocean.
4 Unlike the Venice film Festival, the Sundance film Festival only includes small, independent films. That is, it only includes those not financed by Hollywood studios.
5 Although not unlike Holden Caulfield's lonesome voice in J.D. Salinger's "the Catcher in the Rye", Mr Hou's narrative is a more brutal depiction of the spiritual vacuum of Taiwanese youth.
6 Unlike its clubs and bars, Kunming's hotels do not cluster in a small area downtown: there are too many of them.
7 Unlike alcohol, it does not result in bar fights or wife beating.
8 Nile monitor lizards are not as big as Burmese pythons, maxing out around 6 feet long, but unlike the snakes, these razor-toothed, dagger-clawed predators are known to hunt in packs.
9 This means that unlike poker or backgammon, all information specific to the game is known to both players, and there is neither secrecy nor chance.
10 The stars in poker, unlike those in professional sport, look very much like the spectators; they just happen to be more successful.
11 But unlike you, stories don't have heartbeats, and they don't have faces.
12 Unlike many other people, however, I have never called God the light, because God is beyond our comprehension.
13 She explained that she had a twin sister, Alba, who also had cerebral palsy but who, unlike her, couldn't speak.
14 Not unlike one of the possible solutions discussed earlier.
15 Feeny was hardly alone in his aspirations to become an astronaut but, unlike the millions of kids who dream of walking in space, Feeny is actually doing something about it.
16 Unlike earlier discoveries of similar discs, this star is still very young and so tells us planets form very early on in the life of a star.
17 Unlike Americans of our day, however, few in the Roman Republic felt their system should be, or could be, embraced by others in the mysterious ancient societies of the East.
18 Pork meat is to a cook like canvas to a painter,” Dr. Landau said. “You can draw on it your own tastes and the meat will accept, unlike lamb or even beef.
19 The news was particularly surprising because unlike many of its neighbours in northern Europe, Norway's far right is fragmented and weak, and has no history of radical agitation.
20 Unlike the Arctic, where much of the sea ice is - at least for now - year-round, the Southern Ocean's sea ice is thin and seasonal.
21 Another limitation of this strategy, unlike the API Layer transaction strategy, is that you cannot "cheat" and introduce it into your application architecture incrementally.
22 Unlike other people who have digestive system diseases, Cheng eats big meals every day.
23 Unlike your Aries and Gemini neighbors, you, Taurus, can't stand rushing.
24 He chased women as keenly as his brothers did but, unlike them, he lived to see the rules change.
25 Comprising three separate bones, the malleus, the incus and the stapes, this structure is unlike that of any other class of animal: reptiles and amphibians have one bone while fish have none.
26 Except that unlike before, we don't have the convenient and simple cancellation of the factorials. That happened before, because they were there.
27 Unlike the Europeans, with their perfunctory, pith-helmeted explorations of the interior, the Arabs sought to establish a lasting trade presence in the region.
28 And unlike China 30 years ago, India has plenty of entrepreneurs at home.
29 unlike any previous successful mission to Mars, Phoenix has landed not in the planet's tropics but near one of its poles.
30 It was unmistakable: Baker's face is surrounded by an umbra of curls that organize themselves into unpredictable spirals-not unlike the complex protein molecules he studies.