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No. sentence
1 This means that, unless you say otherwise, no one can perform a piece written by you or make copies of it, even with attribution, unless you give the OK.
2 Unless an agreement can be reached with creditors to pay or delay that debt, the company could default.
3 Unless we get more funding we'll be prevented from finishing our experimental programme.
4 Unless, of course, I change my relationship to the device.
5 Iron corrodes unless it is greased or kept clean.
6 Don't knock it unless you can do better.
7 US law does not require labels unless the composition or nutrient value of the product is significantly changed.
8 Unless they come from wealthy families, they have to win lots of competitions, quickly make a name and hope that someone will lend them a great instrument.
9 Unless you are in a completely opinionbased philosophy class of some sort, you will not impress your professors with papers that show your lack of knowledge of the assigned readings.
10 Telling someone about their flaws is just useless complaining, unless you tell them how they can improve.
11 And let this great fact always cheer them: It is impossible for any one to be cheated out of an honorable career unless he cheats himself.
12 Unless you require to share data in this manner, disable this.
13 She was dithering and wouldn't make up her mind unless forced to.
14 My main rule of thumb for element schema order is: Use ordered patterns unless you have specific reason not to.
15 Unless otherwise stated, you must run the tasks here on each and every node of the cluster.
16 I could throw a few words at you - supporting, sharing dreams and aspirations, confiding, loving, compromising - but these are just words unless you act upon them.
17 These scripts do not reboot unless required, but they always update the GRUB default setting.
18 How may this be, unless you first lay open to him the wound or trouble in your soul?
19 Unless you set me free.
20 I am each of these all at once, unless I am in the shower. Then I am not outfits, because that would be uncomfortable.
21 So unless all the drives fails at once, the data should be immortal.
22 Unless it finds one or the other, it triggers a message in the main loop.
23 By turning away from the truth, these people are choosing the wrong path... a road that is sinful and will lead to their death unless they repent and turn to Jesus.
24 Stay away from horizontal lines, such as horizontal stripes on garments, chokers, and ankle straps, unless you do something to diminish their effect.
25 Unless you are an Indian or a skilled rider, riding bare-backed does not work well for the rider.
26 No one can escape the problem of evil in its two fold form, wickedness and suffering, and certainly our belief will be shallow and unstable unless we face it.
27 Surely improving your health and physical vitality can give enormous energy, but that energy cannot be utilized unless the other three aspects are put into full effect.
28 Yet unless a system stabilizes to an equilibrium point, it is no better than an explosion and just as soon dead.
29 But I assure all members of the Trust that we would not be asking them to agree to the proposal unless it was in the best interests of this club.
30 Unless you have inside info (I don't), don't be naive.