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No. sentence
1 She buddied up with a student from another university.
2 He teaches Esperanto at that university.
3 of all editions of his work published by the Black Sparrow Press are held at Western Michigan University, which purchased the archive of the publishing house after its closure in 2003.
4 We could maybe compare brain changes in mothers who were depressed or had problems bonding with their infants to normal mothers," said Kim, who was at Yale University when she did the work.
5 Kim, an assistant professor of business at Columbia University, wanted to test the relationship between reputation and regulatory treatment at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
6 Wu began assembling a security consultancy and experimenting with fuzzing ideas he'd first had as a student at Fudan University years before.
7 ocean changes can also influence volcanic eruptions, says David Pyle of the University of Oxford.
8 Supriyah Shah is a student at George Washington University where she works in local community service while waiting for her Posting.
9 But things weren't always so rosy for Shah and his partners, Brian Beerman, a college friend from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Margo Baxter, who also graduated from Wisconsin.
10 The research centre is affiliated with the university.
11 Nuno Limão, of the University of Maryland, has shown that in the last global trade round America was slower to cut MFN tariffs wherever that would remove a plum from its allies’ mouths.
12 But one university psychologist has warned this is wreaking havoc with our self-image and undermining our sense of self-worth.
13 of Penang, for instance, has wide roads, a steady stream of university science graduates, an efficient power supply and a modern airport from which goods are flown around the world.
14 If you won't go to university, at least go to Kuala Lumpur, or Penang, or even Ipoh, where the jobs are better and you can make more money.
15 People tend to make more extraneous purchases when they shop outside their own communities, says Indiana University professor Ruth Engs, who studies shopping addiction.
16 I knew intuitively that university would by no means be as wonderful as the teacher depicted to me.
17 To explore that idea further, Dr Bourrat joined forces with Quentin Atkinson of the University of Auckland.
18 University of Auckland compared 155 women who had late still-births with 310 who had healthy pregnancies.
19 another study in the same issue of the journal, researchers at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, take a different look at medical errors, and focus on the types of errors that patients make.
20 But when New Zealand family doctors asked 421 men and women a couple of questions, they spotted 97 percent of those suffering from depression, say researchers from the University of Auckland.
21 funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand and the University of Auckland School of Medicine Foundation.
22 The study at Auckland University was undertaken by Dr Maggie Kalev and Professor Matthew During.
23 Finally, I don't know of any university, including the ones I teach at, that tells its engineering students what to expect in the long term or how to manage their technical careers.
24 They roomed together in Beijing University for three years.
25 A philosopher from Yunnan University, Wang was a victim of plagiarism.
26 Nanjing Normal University Analyses and Testing Center;
27 will graduate from Peking University this July. I have majored in accounting.
28 I graduated from Peking University.
29 Peking University is one of the most equipped and prestigious universities among China.
30 Peking University is the most famous in China.