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Universalism in a sentence

1. Moral absolutism is not the same as moral universalism.

2. Unitarian Universalism exemplifies a syncretic faith.

3. Originally a Baptist, he converted to Universalism in 1789.

4. Universalism - Utilitarian bioethics - Utilitarianism.

5. North American universalism was active and organized.

6. The defining theology of Universalism is universal salvation;

7. But not all human beings think the same way (universalism).

8. In this sense the Declaration endorsed ethical universalism.

9. and discussed Universalism, Murray's chosen faith.

10. Charismatic Universalism is marked by its emphasis on theosis;

11. The basis was universalism and inclusiveness;

12. Universalism may also refer to:

13. universalism and particularism;

14. John Murray, a founder of Universalism.

15. He founded the universalism method in drawing.

16. Nonetheless, the spread of Universalism was slow.

17. At this time Wright wrote much on universalism.

18. He brought his fervor for Universalism to Albion.

19. (Dialogue and Universalism, vol.

20. Poitier practices Universalism.

21. "Rhythm Inside" lyrically discusses moral universalism.

22. She addresses the universalism/relativism debate.

23. Aristocratic society unites universalism and particularism.

24. Mereological universalism is an extreme permissive position.

25. In 1868, in the spirit of Universalism.

26. Bowman self-converted to universalism.

27. This is not, however, the only alternative universalism.

28. This was in line with orthodox responses to Universalism.

29. There was a lot of prejudice about universalism.

30. Christ is the basis of our Universalism.