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1 Over the past twenty years, Unitarian Universalism has undergone a shift in consciousness.
2 Rather than the top-down universalism embodied in Kyoto, countries would choose policies that suit their particular circumstances.
3 More than that, the cheery, harmonious universalism that Hollywood has promoted and relied upon for so long seems out of tune with the surrounding cacophony.
4 It is obvious that western humanists are not able to think out of universalism and rationalism.
5 Regional economic disparities is one of universalism and internationalism problems and has been a beated topic among governments and organizations and scholars.
6 His interest is centered in the latter; the universalism of the book is attenuated.
7 The modern liberalism has four most universal characteristics: the individualism, the egalitarianism, the Universalism and the society do good deeds discusses.
8 Platonism, Stoicism and Paul's theory about salvation by faith, are the main thought source of Christian universalism.
9 since domestic violence is virtually a universal problem, Walker's concern and literary treatment of it highlights her celebration of universalism and love as implied in her Womanism.
10 This is a preeminent problem for character education in its current form, as it appeals to an abstract universalism and an untethered rationality.
11 Yet they also emphasized a culturally specific idealism, rather than the empiricism or universalism of the earlier Enlightenment.
12 These were the kinds of themes that gradually shaped the German idealist challenge to the Enlightenment's emphasis on empiricism and universalism.
13 As the main form of argumentation of the liberal universalism, utilitarianism not only infuses some energy into the liberalism, but also brings more greatly crisis for the liberal universalism.
14 Whorf attacks the universalism based on European ethnocentrism, seeds linguistic features particular to "primitive languages," and tries to construct universals on such new basis.
15 Fourth, to say that Christ died for everyone logically leads to universalism.
16 dispute activated by the new liberalism between "cultural universalism" and "cultural relativism", should be understood dialectically with a limit, no matter in academic level or in reality road.
17 They made the explicit claim that universalism was a mask for promoting French imperialism, that the French were using a set of ideas to justify their control of Germany in other countries.
18 There was a lot of prejudice about universalism.
19 more interesting was the political infusion of Indian nationalism with that Hindu Universalism during the British Raj.
20 The results are independent of the shape of pulse, and so it is of certain universalism.
21 As with most radical pietists, universalism was an implicit but not central focus of his faith.
22 Christ is the basis of our Universalism.
23 Luke USES this story as the supreme example of his theme of universalism.
24 Universalism is not only a distinct gene of western cultural tradition, but also an elementary constituent of liberalism.
25 In the fist chapter, the author discusses the universalism tradition in the western culture and the historical origin of its forming.
26 other words, according to Fichte, German patriots should now expose the myth of French universalism.
27 Otherwise eighteenth century universalism was a diverse and noncoherent movement.
28 So Cole made a conclusion that science is closer to universalism than any other social organization.
29 The mask of cultural diversity is sustained by the actual universalism of global capital;
30 Immanuel Wallerstein tells us that universalism is an epistemology, and the object of science is to search for these general statements.