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Unitarian in a sentence

91. There is a Unitarian Chapel built in 1861.

92. Jevons was brought up a Christian Unitarian.

93. Unitarian Universalist Church of Wakefield.

94. He would eventually become a Unitarian.

95. Unitarian church may refer specifically to:

96. It is now used by the Unitarian community.

97. Sewall Wright worshipped as a Unitarian.

98. He was converted by a Unitarian minister.

99. First Unitarian Church of Detroit, c. 1906.

100. It is still in use as a Unitarian chapel.

101. It is still in use as a Unitarian chapel.

102. He came in later life to be a Unitarian.

103. He was a member of the Unitarian Church.

104. Other Chicago Unitarian ministers—Rev.

105. Samuel Ripley, was a Unitarian minister.

106. The congregation is Unitarian Universalist;

107. Plaque 4 on Mill Hill Unitarian Chapel.

108. Gerwig was raised a Unitarian Universalist.

109. It is licensed for Unitarian marriages.

110. Aikin came from a Unitarian background.

111. Her religious affiliation was Unitarian.

112. Maria grew up in a Unitarian household.

113. others are in older Unitarian collections.

114. William J. Nichols, a Unitarian clergyman.

115. the Unitarian chapel, Underbank Chapel;

116. Doyle was a member of the Unitarian church.

117. L. G. Harris Crook, a Unitarian minister.

118. Dommeyer was a Unitarian Universalist.

119. A Unitarian, Potts was deeply religious.

120. The family attended the Unitarian church.