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1 There is good reason for thinking that Locke was a Unitarian. I have seen it argued that Milton was.
2 Joyce got a scholarship to study liberal Arts in the woods of Maine, where she met Patty's exceedingly Gentile dad, whom she married at All Souls Unitarian Church on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.
3 Newton could not be Master of Trinity because he was a Unitarian and so not in Holy Orders.
4 How can this Transcendentalist theology of self-culture serve as the foundation for a contemporary Unitarian Universalist spiritual practice?
5 Our guest turned out to be a lovely, thoughtful and smart Unitarian minister.
6 On Sundays, she goes to Unitarian Universalist churches along the way.
7 The Freethinkers say that they are not necessarily atheists, but include agnostics, secular humanists, deists and Unitarian Universalists.
8 A session called ' Scrum in Church" described how an interim Unitarian minister used Scrum to organize churches and volunteers.
9 Unitarian stress the consistency of the character portrayed in the poetry.
10 He tried to combine a Unitarian form of Christianity with the Brahmin conception of the supreme personal God.
11 Many members of the American Unitarian Association, founded in 1825, have come to the conclusion that their movement is not a part of the Christian church.
12 The Unitarian Universalist Church is such a Church, which only believes in God, the Father.
13 Social coordination represents an important aim of unitarian spectacular system.
14 There are still two Presbyterian bodies in Ireland that are Unitarian .
15 Over the past twenty years, Unitarian Universalism has undergone a shift in consciousness.
16 For unitarian universalists and other liberal movements it is regarded as a sacred text but not as a divinely revealed work.
17 The League raised money for the American Unitarian Association (AUA), financed mission projects, coordinated special events, and recruited potential ministers.
18 His best friend was Kent Evans, son of a Unitarian minister.
19 At the same time, it upset Christian orthodoxy, even the attenuated Unitarian form.
20 It turns out that this professor was a Unitarian Christian. He did not believe in the trinity or the divinity of Jesus. In actuality, he believed that Jesus was a prophet.
21 At City Hall, David Jones, left, and Don Williams received the blessing of the Rev. Greg Stewart, a Unitarian minister who said he showed up to perform free wedding ceremonies.
22 As first-generation immigrants to the capital, their social circle was restricted, certainly more so than it would have been if they had remained among their Unitarian relatives in Manchester.
23 A Unitarian minister officiated at his funeral.
24 Hubbell of the First Unitarian Church of Baltimore. "the act of charity is something we do because we are all one, but not because it makes us feel good."
25 He presented a lecture on "Tolerance" at All Souls Unitarian Church, New York in 1925.
26 Written by a Unitarian, the hymn confuses Union victory with Christ's final judgment.
27 Although in much smaller numbers, many other religious faiths are represented in the state as well, including Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, the Bahá'í Faith, and Unitarian Universalism.
28 Some Unitarian Universalists believe in universalism: that all souls will ultimately be saved and that there are no torments of hell.
29 Unitarian Universalists differ widely in their theology hence there is no exact same stance on the issue.
30 Although Unitarians historically believed in a literal hell, and Universalists historically believed that everyone goes to heaven, modern Unitarian Universalists can be categorized into those believing in a heaven, reincarnation and oblivion.