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No. sentence
1 A farmer surnamed Wang, who thought up the unique idea, said most of his \ \ \ \ \ \ \ "milk watermelons \ \ \ \ \ \ \" have been booked in advance.
2 While each story is unique, it functions for the most part as something that can be Shared and exchanged with others.
3 What matters is that we all have our unique dreams, goals and desires.
4 Seahorses are among the only animal species on Earth in which the male bears the unborn young, a unique trait in these fish that inhabit tropical and temperate coastal waters worldwide.
5 the first “Why?” question you answer, you establish your own unique style of giving information, and your child knows from then on what to expect from you when he asks a question.
6 Businesses need to impose unique constraints on this information even when they use vertical industry standards for exchange.
7 This approach of breaking complexity down into layers of abstraction is of course not unique to IT-related disciplines.
8 Seven"is unique in one detail of its construction; it brings the killer onscreen with half an hour to go, and gives him a speaking role.
9 This, then, is the unique source of our strength as a health agency.
10 Unique bookshelf with cantilevered modules stacked upon each other at a single angled point.
11 Then as before, enter any name for this process along with a unique person ID that already exists in the system.
12 Laura: OK, then. I love these unique structured towers with the delicate carvings on them.
13 You need to check each commodity or futures contract since each of them is unique.
14 The crack will not impact Bindschadler's expedition and may offer a unique opportunity for the team to measure what happens on a glacier tongue during a calving event.
15 Each record in a record store is an array of bytes and has a unique integer identifier.
16 In this case however, despite the name of the property, it need not and should not be unique.
17 Zach's story is a unique one, not only because of what he's overcome in life but also because of his passion for Kentucky basketball, " Newton said.
18 We are all unique individuals. What may work for me may not work for you. We all have our path for living happily.
19 As you have seen, every report has a unique path that can be used to display it in a browser.
20 Each of the limbs of yoga plays a unique role in promoting harmony.
21 Due to their unique composition, they have played an important part in folk medicines as therapy for a variety of ailments.
22 web of muscles and tendons under the skin, many of them unique to the human hand.
23 But some people don't develop unique dermal ridges on their fingers, and thus, do not have fingerprints.
24 The Coordinator creates a context, or unique identifier for this transaction and some other information about it.
25 That's what makes us human — we all have qualities that make us unique, on the inside and the outside.
26 As soon as you have a unique key, check to see if there is an item in the cache.
27 client passes in a unique identifier — a resource name — for the resource; the service locator finds the resource and returns it to the client.
28 As well as improving transport for commuters, he envisages Slim Ride could also add kudos to the city as a unique transport of mode for tourists.
29 Every corner of the cave is unique!
30 They have to have unique names and should not be currently defined on any node.