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No. sentence
1 He and his wife, Jennifer, have a place in New York city but spend much of their time in quiet Ulster County, N.Y., 90 miles north of the city.
2 BORN a Catholic in Unionist Ulster, this eloquent son of a taciturn cattle-dealer is one of the most celebrated poets of the post-war era.
3 George Best was spotted by scouts running wild with a pack of Connemara ponies through the discotheques and boutiques of the Ulster hills.
4 The police are confident that the latest outbreak was incited by the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), a loyalist paramilitary group, though its motives can only be guessed at.
5 The project involves researchers from Brighton, Cranfield, Newcastle, Sheffield and Ulster universities and is expected to take four years to produce a prototype system.
6 He was particularly touchy about Irish republicanism and the Ulster question.
7 An Ulster version includes potato bread and soda farls, Welsh includes laverbread, eaten Fried with bacon and cockles.
8 We rely on the works of some 7th century hagiographers and the anonymous writer of the Annals of Ulster for information about his life and activities.
9 Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), once Northern Ireland's largest but today a shadow of its former self, insisted on voting against devolution of policing and justice powers.
10 Greene could be the smallest on top of that to probably the most mountainous of every one of the Catskills County and is also situated north of Ulster.
11 Later they settled in large Numbers in Ulster.
12 The queen herself has frequently visited Ulster.
13 we cycled along a path that followed the Ulster River — named by Irish monks who settled in this mostly Catholic pocket in the seventh and eighth centuries — the skies opened.
14 messenger appeared in the doorway, accompanied by a young man in a long Ulster and traveling cap.
15 Bank of Ireland plunged 9.4 percent to 37.8 euro cents while RBS, which owns Ireland's Ulster Bank, declined 3.3 percent to 40.77 pence.
16 Professor Gerard Parr of the Internet Technologies Research Group at the University of Ulster is part of the first UK-China Research Network in Intelligent Automation, Computing and Manufacturing.
17 I hardened my heart and took the smoke-rocket from under my Ulster.
18 22-year-old Nevin, who played centre for Irish province Ulster, played an exhibition game for the Irish senior team against the Barbarians this year.
19 These newly raised troops just as well complete their training in Ulster as at home, and would at the same time become a strategic factor.
20 Scientists at the University of Ulster have found that unsuitable exercise releases dangerous free radicals that can adversely affect normal function in unfit people.
21 I'll put on my Ulster.
22 He is a graduate in history from Trinity College Dublin and studied newspaper journalism at the University of Ulster, Belfast.
23 lobby of the Imperial, Mr. Charles Drouet was just arriving, shaking the snow from a very handsome Ulster.
24 stories, Holmes was "enveloped" in an Ulster, a long, single-breasted coat with a small collar and an attached a hip-length cape.
25 he checked the loss of Ulster.
26 The Rotary club-sponsored Ulster Project brings Protestant and Catholic teenagers from Northern Ireland to the United States to promote trust, tolerance, and reconciliation.
27 Many people in Alabama claim Irish ancestry because of the term Scots-Irish but, based on historic immigration and settlement, their ancestors were more likely Protestant Scots-Irish coming from the northern province of Ulster, where they had been for a few generations as part of the English colonization.
28 In the 17th and 18th centuries, there was much migration to Achill from other parts of Ireland, particularly Ulster, due to the political and religious turmoil of the time.
29 Achill Irish still has many traces of Ulster Irish.
30 However, in 1116 the Annals of Ulster report: "Ladhmann son of Domnall, grandson of the king of Scotland, was killed by the men of Moray."