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1 happens in Ukraine is particularly important if you like beer since the drought-hit nation has banned grain exports since this summer's drought.
2 But Russian military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer cautions that Ukraine could be Russia's next target as part of what he says is a grand Kremlin plan for the partial restoration of Russian greatness.
3 said that speaking Russian or Polish in western Ukraine arouses the wrath of local "nationalists".
4 We order a couple of dollops of white caviar and lightly fried palamud, a Black Sea whitefish that passes by from Romania and Ukraine in late summer.
5 So how should the West deal with Ukraine under a new President, whoever it is?
6 The draconian treaty tore away a quarter of Russia’s population and industry, and vast swathes of Russian-ruled territory: Poland, the Baltic States, Belarus, Ukraine, Crimea, Bessarabia and Finland.
7 Before heading behind closed doors for meetings with Kremlin leader Dmitri Medvedev, the presidents of Ukraine and Georgia hinted publicly at Moscow's strained relations with Kyiv and Tbilisi.
8 Either Ukraine is going down, towards disintegration, or it will start recovering.
9 Earlier, Ukraine shut all four of its pipelines that ship the fuel to Europe.
10 These materials were deposited mainly over countries in Europe, but especially over large areas of Belarus, the Russian Federation and Ukraine.
11 Last week his firm was busy vacuuming up data bits from the far corners of the world and predicting a crisis in Ukraine.
12 A year ago, wrangling over the price of gas sold by Russia to Ukraine briefly diminished the flow of gas through Ukraine to Europe.
13 If it wants to influence such important neighbours as Turkey or Ukraine, the EU must keep its doors open to them.
14 throwing the teeth in the wastebasket, the dentists send them to us, ” Chumak says; 6000 have been collected in Ukraine so far.
15 Mr Putinresents the West’s influence in former Soviet countries such as Georgiaand Ukraine, and he dislikes the puckish Mr Saakashvili intensely.
16 According to estimates, this area of northern Ukraine will be uninhabitable for decades, if not centuries.
17 focus of this activity will be Crimea, a southern province of Ukraine.
18 Russian monopoly provider Gazprom accused Ukraine of filching gas supplies due for Europe.
19 There is huge potential to bring more land under cultivation in Ukraine and kazakhstan-but that would need improvements to infrastructure that could take years.
20 President Obama underscored that there remains a clear path for resolving this crisis diplomatically, in a way that addresses the interests of both Russia and the people of Ukraine.
21 Ms Tymoshenko says Mr Yanukovich is waging a campaign to intimidate the opposition and retaliate for her efforts to clean up the notoriously corrupt gas-trading business in Ukraine.
22 In Ukraine nothing is ever fixed.
23 is also to ask if Ukraine, with no tradition of statehood, can be a successful country.
24 Special friends of the superpower, such as Britain, and those that wanted to become special friends, such as Poland and Ukraine, volunteered for duty in Iraq as well.
25 Ukraine and Mexico announced that they will do the same.
26 Russia and Ukraine offer great supplies of cheap Labour, not much farther away.
27 It will host the European football championships in 2012, jointly with Ukraine.
28 He stayed there until Vladimir Putin replaced him, and sent him more or less into exile to be the ambassador to Ukraine.
29 If Ukraine goes for “normalisation” too, that would be game, set and match to the Kremlin.
30 First of all we need to build Europe in Ukraine, because a country can only enter the EU if it has the same blood group, otherwise it will get rejected as an alien body,” she says in an interview.