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URS Corporation in a sentence

1. Wilcox, the Washington Division of URS Corporation, Battelle Memorial Institute, and The Texas A&M University System.

2. This new facility, designed by URS Corporation, opened on May 22, 2005.

3. The URS Corporation, who oversees WIPP removed and demoted the contracted manager of the repository.

4. URS Corporation (formerly United Research Services) was an engineering, design, and construction firm and a U.S. federal government contractor.

5. URS Corporation’s oldest predecessor company was founded in 1904.

6. URS Corporation was the design consultant for the bridge that was completed in 2007.

7. This failure occurred less than 18 months after URS Corporation settled out of court the lawsuits surrounding the Minneapolis I-35W bridge collapse.

8. Other subcontractors on the project included URS Corporation, Davis Langdon and Hulley &

9. Kahl LLP, and URS Corporation.

10. Both were designed by J. E. Greiner Company, which later became a part of AECOM through the company's acquisition of URS Corporation.

11. In August 2002, the defense-and-services sector of the company was acquired by defense technical-services giant URS Corporation.

12. Restaurants, URS Corporation, and Bank of the West among others;

13. The bridge was originally designed by Hazelet + Erdal, now URS Corporation.

14. The bridge was designed by Greiner Engineering, Inc., which was acquired by URS Corporation in 1995, which in turn was acquired by AECOM in October 2014.

15. In August 2010, the last of the lawsuits against URS Corporation were settled for $52.4 million to avoid prolonged litigation.

16. It was acquired by URS Corporation of San Francisco in November 2007 for $3.1 billion,, subsequently purchased by AECOM.

17. After further mergers LSI products and services are now offered by URS Corporation.

18. Scott Wilson became a public limited company in 2006, and in 2010 was purchased by URS Corporation that in turn was purchased by AECOM.

19. On 10 September 2010, American engineering design firm URS Corporation completed its acquisition of Scott Wilson Group plc.

20. (Rust International was acquired in 2000 by Washington Group International, which was in turn acquired by San-Francisco based URS Corporation in 2007.)

21. In 2000, Radian's parent, URS Corporation, made the decision to divest the division.

22. In June 2005, SEPTA hired URS Corporation for design and engineering services for a project to restore rail service between Elwyn and Wawa stations.

23. It is now managed by URS Corporation.

24. Another, with URS Corporation for $20 million was terminated in April 2014, 15 months before its completion date.

25. However, the Broken Hill division was taken over by the US URS Corporation and continues to operate serving the mining industry.

26. The technical work for the proposal has been done by URS Corporation, an international engineering consultancy.

27. Future Capability at URS Corporation, a government contractor.

28. Prior to his appointment with DHS, Borras served as a Vice President with URS Corporation, a global engineering services firm.

29. In 1995, the firm was acquired by URS Corporation, now part of AECOM.

30. Moore in San Francisco, California (later merged with URS Corporation).