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1 They were asking for any US and UK passport holders and got everyone to drop their phones on the ground.
2 Most are now on British shop shelves, while some have been sent to the UK as gifts.
3 The people of the US, UK, Spain and Ireland became speculators in land.
4 The UK premier admits that this "will not always be a comfortable discussion but it is in my view an essential one".
5 Adversity and stress early in life leads to long-term ill health and early death, a group of psychologists from the US and the UK warn.
6 In my novel Dark Swirl, published in the UK more than decade ago, you can see how local myth combines with present feelings and attitudes, in more than a binary view world.
7 I got tired of the UK, " she said. "I decided to buy a loom, which came in a flatpack from New Zealand, and now I am here again.
8 Parr's career is defined by his color-saturated images of excess, from greasy plates of orange food guzzled by the U.K. working class to the bling of Dubai.
9 Nowhere has the value of partnerships been better illustrated than with the Beautiful China series - known in the UK as Wild China.
10 Our competitors are investing significant sums in their universities, just when the UK is contemplating massive cuts in its expenditure on universities and science.
11 That is why we have come to China as the strongest ministerial delegation ever to visit from the UK.
12 But UK residents who are not domiciled in the UK - usually because their fathers were not British - are liable for tax on their overseas income and gains only if they are brought into the UK.
13 might suit the UK does not necessarily help in Spain or Switzerland.
14 And while the UK remains among the gloomiest about the future, it suggests that Britons have coped with the crisis better than others, with lower levels of stress and anxiety.
15 yet, on the fourth or fifth reading in the 24 years since UK publication, the Periodic Table still seems to me to be the nearest match to the ideal science book.
16 While I was reluctant to acquire another pair of shoes, they've enabled me to explore the gorgeous UK countryside with my husband.
17 Trading is largely electronic, so it could be deducted at source, and the UK already imposes a small stamp duty on share transactions.
18 But Shakespeare said: "The UK has done very well, due to its direct payment mechanisms, and benefits like independent living allowance and access to work."
19 Zoellick has also stressed that the 2008 halfway point must be a turning point, joining the UN, the UK and other donors in declaring this a Year of Action on the MDGs.
20 There have been no attacks on humans in the UK to date, and this year not even a dog has been reported injured by boar, ’ he said.
21 Napping at work isn't acceptable in the UK, but in Japan dozing anywhere from Parliament to business meetings is allowed.
22 But we have the same problem in UK.
23 most obvious benefit is that Brits can work in Rome, Geneva, Dublin or elsewhere with ease but manage to stay outside the UK tax net for the most part.
24 The assembly in Wales, however, is currently considering whether to introduce an "opt-out" scheme, making it the first area in the UK to follow a policy already adopted by Belgium and Portugal.
25 said in August it traced three bulls born in the UK with embryos from a cloned cow in the US.
26 Hence embryos from cloned animals, such as those that were used in the present case, are available for import into the UK.
27 The four EPRs we are building today will provide certainty and competence for UK projects,' Davis said.
28 For now, it's available in the us, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and we hope to bring it to more countries soon.
29 Public transport in the UK will keep running, but users may be advised to stagger their journeys and avoid unnecessary trips.
30 Cigarette packs in the U.K. already carry gruesome images of cancer-ridden lungs, corpses and tumors.