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No. sentence
1 The other transmission mechanism, trade, will not be so easy to fix.
2 High tariffs often cause a diversion of trade from one country to another.
3 analyst should also document any business rules that are applied to trade data, particularly data transformation or (crub) procedures, as well as data validation rules.
4 If investors were trading securities based on the chances of those things happening only to Alice, they would all trade at more or less the same price.
5 Nuno Limão, of the University of Maryland, has shown that in the last global trade round America was slower to cut MFN tariffs wherever that would remove a plum from its allies’ mouths.
6 America's Federal Trade Commission launched a round of talks about how to save newspapers.
7 Decision makers on both sides appear to have concluded that their trade disputes can be managed without undermining the entire U.S.-China relationship.
8 To combat the rise of these diseases, policies in other sectors, like food, agriculture, and trade, must change.
9 The US trade deficit is surging, for reasons that have nothing to do with domestic consumption and everything to do with policies and events abroad.
10 This week the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruled that Boeing, its American rival, is also a guzzler of illegal handouts.
11 If the yen is the most mispriced currency on the planet, why are Japan's trade partners not complaining loudly, as they do about the yuan?
12 Yang suggested abolishing the notorious Monopoly Bureau and Trade Bureau, reorganizing the administration government, and recruiting more Taiwanese to top jobs in the provincial government.
13 He points to the brightest stars and describes how to use them to navigate to the Bilma oasis in the eastern desert, where they would trade Onions and garlic for salt.
14 Chuxiong source of Thai Mines Ltd. , is a collection as one of Industry and Trade Co. , Ltd…
15 has even been an attempt to limit the environmentally devastating charcoal trade, which previously enriched unscrupulous warlords.
16 George Macartney was sent to Peking by king George III to establish a permanent British presence and open up trade relations with China.
17 But such strategies work only as long as there is someone willing to take the other side of the trade. In chaotic conditions, there may be sellers but no buyers.
18 Mr. Obama also urged Congress to approve trade agreements with Panama, Colombia and South Korea.
19 For centuries, trade bustled between their former capital, Fez, and cities on the western side of present-day Algeria, such as Oran.
20 But in countries that have opened themselves up, families can rely on other sorts of protection, such as urban jobs or trade.
21 typewriter/computer/notebook are, of course, just the instruments of the trade, but it's possible they have more influence on the eventual product than we think.
22 Men must pay in to the trade society to which they transfer their labour.
23 trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks went across the village.
24 Like the ancient Greeks, its inhabitants turned their backs on their rocky soil, venturing out to fish and trade with distant shores.
25 This trade is a product of the way Chinese universities and research institutions use rates of publication as a measure of performance and eligibility for promotion or graduation, wrote Shen.
26 The two tower buildings of the World Trade Center have disappeared from the map of New York.
27 trade contract stipulates for the settlement of balances in RMB.
28 This moment of decision is not only for the Doha Round; it is for trade itself.
29 For example, suppose that every stock trade that was attempted had to be recorded in an audit database.
30 A third challenge is trade with China, an issue over which Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama have sharply disagreed.