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Tom Parker in a sentence

1. The Client consisted of Ronnie Bond and Tom Parker.

2. Tom Parker, and asked about a price.

3. The audiobook is read by Tom Parker.

4. His cousins include food writer Tom Parker Bowles and his sister Laura Lopes.

5. Thomas Andrew "Colonel Tom" Parker (born Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk;

6. "Colonel Tom Parker rubbed my head in Vegas," Eddie Murphy stated in 1989.

7. During 1953, Arnold and Tom Parker had a dispute, and Arnold fired him.

8. Tom Parker of Elvis Presley fame.

9. Her research into Presley led to a second book on Colonel Tom Parker.

10. Tom Parker may refer to:

11. Tom Parker Bowles was born on 18 December 1974 in London.

12. Food columnist Tom Parker Bowles appeared on two episodes.

13. Tom Parker intended to leave audiences wanting more.

14. It also references Elvis Presley's famous manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

15. After eight minutes, Tom Parker scored an own goal, putting Port Vale ahead.

16. The chairman of the company was Bobby E. Cooper, the CEO was Tom Parker.

17. The album was the idea of Colonel Tom Parker, Presley's manager.

18. Thomas Scott "Tom" Parker (born July 23, 1977) is an American actor.

19. Tom Parker for Presley to perform here, but this of course never eventuated.

20. His cousin Tom Parker Bowles was his best man.

21. However, Colonel Tom Parker refused.

22. Frederick's son, Tom Parker, later took over the business.

23. She is married to "Colonel" Tom Parker, with whom she sings country music.

24. It was arranged by Tom Parker and released as a single in September 1975.

25. Tom Parker (born August 19, 1951) is an American lawyer and judge.

26. Similarly, Tom Parker tore ligaments in his hand.

27. Colonel Tom Parker was one of those who took notice of her.

28. She was replaced by Tom Parker.

29. Gardner has also narrated under the aliases Tom Parker and Alexander Adams.

30. Tom Parker Bowles was also married this year, five months after his mother.