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Titicaca in a sentence

1. Five major river systems feed into Lake Titicaca.

2. Lake Titicaca as seen from the shore.

3. Sunrise in the Titicaca lake.

4. Puno and Titicaca lake.

5. View of Puno from Titicaca Lake.

6. It flows south from Lake Titicaca.

7. Taquile, Peru: Lake Titicaca Children of Taquile.

8. Banks of the lake Titicaca.

9. She travelled to the Andes and Lake Titicaca.

10. View of Copacabana from Lake Titicaca.

11. Jaravi is close to Lake Titicaca.

12. Its local name is zampullín del Titicaca.

13. In 1577, he was sent to Julí, on Lake Titicaca.

14. All restricted to the Lake Titicaca basin.

15. All restricted to the Lake Titicaca basin.

16. All restricted to the Lake Titicaca basin.

17. The town is located about north of Lake Titicaca.

18. and Lake Titicaca basin has 13 rivers.

19. 1801 Titicaca (prov.

20. It was named after Lake Titicaca in South America.

21. Titicaca is an assumed S-type asteroid.

22. Jesús de Machaca lies south of Lake Titicaca.

23. A floating reed island on Lake Titicaca.

24. Peru already had two steamships on Lake Titicaca;

25. SS Inca was a steamship on Lake Titicaca.

26. for Winchester, the Titicaca water frog;

27. It is located to the north-west of Lake Titicaca.

28. Camp Titicaca was set up in July 2014.

29. In the northern Altiplano lies Lake Titicaca.

30. This pool was given the name Lake Titicaca.