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Tigrinya in a sentence

1. Their language is called Tigrinya.

2. The Jeberti in Eritrea speak Arabic and Tigrinya.

3. Tigrinya is a working language in Eritrea.

4. The charts below show the phonemes of Tigrinya.

5. The working language is Tigrinya.

6. In Tigrinya language: ህበይ (hibey).

7. In Tigrinya language: ጋውና (gawina).

8. Tigrinya: ናቕፋ naḳfa, Arabic: ناكفا‎

9. See Tigrinya verbs.

10. They speak Tigrinya and saho.

11. See Tigrinya language#Writing system for details.

12. Tegarus speak Tigrinya language as a mother tongue.

13. Tigrinya and English are such languages.

14. Tigrinya has both simple and compound prepositions.

15. The Tigre and Tigrinya language.

16. Semien is Amharic and Tigrinya for "North".

17. About 5% of the Tigrinya are also Muslims;

18. Gebru is a variant, often seen in Tigrinya.

19. Zerai was a member of the Tigrinya ethnic group.

20. Ge'ez\Tigrinya\Amharic: ደብተራ (Däbtära);

21. Tewahedo now speak Tigrinya.

22. Most of her poetry is composed in Tigrinya.

23. The language spoken in Quatit is Tigrinya.

24. She can speak English, French and Tigrinya.

25. Most Zauls speak Tigrinya, Tigre, or Bilen.

26. Abraha is a Tigrinya name that may refer to.

27. Said in Tigrinya it is kusay.

28. She writes in Tigrinya and Italian.

29. ) was an early Tigrinya publication of 1912.

30. The inhabitants of Hadegti speak Tigrinya.