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Thomas Bassett in a sentence

1. Thomas Bassett, a loyalist to the British monarchy during the Revolutionary era, was one of the earliest white settlers in the state outside Mobile.

2. On 24 August, King Charles further tightened the noose encircling the Parliamentarians when he sent Lord Goring and Sir Thomas Bassett to secure the town of St Blazey and the area to the southwest of Lostwithiel.

3. David Thomas Bassett (born 4 September 1944 in Stanmore), also frequently known by his nickname of Harry, is an English football manager and a former player.

4. A benefaction of £10,000 from one of Canada's Scottish sons, Thomas Bassett Macaulay, of the Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada was used to purchase 50 acres and buildings at Craigiebuckler in Aberdeen.

5. Thomas Bassett Macaulay was a descendant of Macaulay family of Lewis, who were centred on the Hebridean Isle of Lewis.

6. Thomas Bassett Macaulay became very fond of working with the governments in the West Indies.

7. After the original structure was gutted by fire in 1918, it was rebuilt in the same style and re-opened by Thomas Bassett Macaulay, the President of the Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada in 1929.

8. He retired as managing director in 1908 and was succeeded by his son, Thomas Bassett Macaulay (aka "T. B. Macaulay").

9. his father, Thomas Bassett Macaulay, was a well-known actuary[1]. He obtained his bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Colorado in 1909 and 1920, respectively.

10. Thomas Bassett Macaulay, also known as T. B. Macaulay, (6 June 1860 – 1942) was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

11. Thomas Bassett Macaulay was the son of Barbara Marie Reid and the Scottish-born Robertson Macaulay (1833–1915), who emigrated to Canada in 1854.

12. Thomas Bassett Macaulay graduated high school and joined Sun Life at the age of 17. For the next 40 years he worked for the company as actuary (aged 20), secretary, managing director (46), president (55).

13. For his work as a breeder and farmer and his devotion to the advancement of agriculture in the province of Quebec, Thomas Bassett Macaulay was posthumously inducted to the Agricultural Hall of Fame of Quebec in 1992.

14. One of the earliest of these was Thomas Bassett, who reached the Tombigbee settlements in 1772 and received a land grant on the Tombigbee, southeast of modern Leroy, Alabama, from the Crown in 1776 and another at McIntosh Bluff.

15. Whorwood was the first son of Edward Whorwood of Compton Hallows and of Dorothy Bassett, daughter of Thomas Bassett of Hints.

16. In the chancel is a recumbent figure, in armour, with a Latin inscription, to the memory of Thomas Bassett of Old Beau Pre, who died in 1423.

17. but was released again by King Henry II of England, with the manor of Whitford, which was bestowed on Sir Alan Dunstanville, whose son Sir Walter Dunstanville gave it in marriage (by the consent of King John) unto Sir Thomas Bassett, his nephew, younger son of the Lord Bassett by Alice Dunstanville, sister of the said Walter.

18. This land descended unto the two daughters of the said Sir Thomas Bassett: Joan Bassett, first married Sir Reginald Valletort, secondly married Sir William Courtenay, younger son of the Lord Courtenay.

19. He was the eldest son of Thomas Bassett of Llantrithyd and was educated at the Inner Temple (1527).

20. When the order was dissolved in 1540, Milton was purchased by John Thomas Bassett of Bonvilston.

21. It was bought by John Thomas Bassett of Llantrithyrd in 1545 and remained in private hands since.

22. They had five children: Harriet Hubbard Woodhull, Mary Hubbard Alling, Samuel Thomas Hubbard III, Thomas Bassett Hubbard and William Hustace Hubbard II. Memoirs of a Staff Officer: 1917–1919 (1959)

23. Later settlers from the 1860s were James Bryant and his sons of Huia Farm, Thomas Bassett of Willow Bank, Charles Austin, George Best, and George Beech.

24. Inside the church is an elaborate tomb of John Bassett (John ap Thomas Bassett, died 1554) and his second wife Elizabeth (died 1596).

25. Spencer Thomas Bassett (4 September 1885 – 11 April 1917) was an English professional football who played as a right half in the Southern League for Exeter City, Swansea Town and Southend United.