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This win in a sentence

1. "This win is for him.

2. This win also completed a league-cup double.

3. This win was his ninth.

4. "This win proves that I’m good enough.

5. This win lined up a shot against David Izon.

6. This win made him the WBA (Super) Champion.

7. This win was the last for them until 2005.

8. This win locked him into the 2014 Chase.

9. United went up to 5th with this win.

10. This win constituted his first senior trophy.

11. This win earned Siver a second shot in UFC.

12. For this win, he received a prize of $57,000.

13. With this win she ended the year ranked 188.

14. Following this win, he was signed by PXC.

15. We finally achieved this win.

16. With this win, Temple became bowl eligible.

17. With this win Kayseri proceeded to the Final.

18. This win put him into the FedEx Cup playoffs.

19. This win constituted his first career trophy.

20. This win returned her to the top ten.

21. With this win, Carlsen took a 3–2 lead.

22. This win made Madrid on joint top of La Liga.

23. The Eagles improved to 3-0 with this win.

24. This win lifted Tirana to 7th position.

25. Jarrett really did need to get this win.

26. This win earned him Fight of the Night award.

27. The Cowboys improved to 5-5 with this win.

28. This win earned her a $10,000 scholarship.

29. He announced his retirement after this win.

30. With this win, he was awarded a UFC contract.