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This kind in a sentence

121. This kind of deception was far from uncommon;

122. Issues of this kind arise in computer vision.

123. Nowadays, this kind of music is very popular.

124. This kind of data is known as reference data.

125. The last exhibition of this kind was in 2015.

126. The Suite begins with a sneeze of this kind!

127. такі, гэтакі (such, of this kind);

128. This kind of dedication impressed the author;

129. He maintained this kind of life for 68 years.

130. This kind of find indicates a woman's grave.

131. This kind of tree is still in the park today.

132. This kind of song is rarely performed today.

133. Ava would not see this kind of success again.

134. Yet, I never expected this kind of response.

135. Mint was an example of this kind of business.

136. Nowadays, this kind of systems is called ERP.

137. Exercises of this kind help to develop drive.

138. Nowadays, this kind of music is very popular.

139. European cities need this kind of transport.

140. This kind of maturity will only improve him."

141. It was the first of this kind built in Libya.

142. It really involved in this kind of nostalgia.

143. This kind of storage battery charges easily.

144. This kind of wine wholesales at $50 per case.

145. I know a shop selling this kind of sweaters.

146. This kind of pairing is not easy to succeed.

147. is no simple formula for this kind of thing.

148. People has got used to this kind of blaster.

149. Hahaha ~! I eat this kind of food every day.

150. This kind of raincoat is warm and windproof.